Indy evokes Syrian use of chemical weapons in accusing Israel of “gassing” a baby in Gaza

More Hames war crimes

The Gaza Health Ministry reported that an 8 month old girl was among those killed on Monday during border protests, the victim, the Hamas run ministry claimed, of Israeli tear gas. Leaving aside the question (unexplored by the media thus far) of why a Palestinian adult would bring a baby to violent protest, the claim that Israel was responsible for her death was undermined that same day by a Gaza health official, who said the baby, Layla Ghandour, “had a preexisting medical condition and that he did not believe her death was caused by tear gas”.

The Independent reported on the incident yesterday, and, despite a sensational headline and evocative photo suggesting Israel was responsible for the death, their reporter, Bethan McKernan, did at least cite the comments by Gaza health official undermining Hamas’s claims.

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As The Supreme Court Considers Major Free Speech Case, Liberals Can’t Have Their Cake And Eat It Too

“Embracing free speech in these controversies will not mean that people can be turned away due to their religion, race, gender or sexual orientation. It would only apply to expressive acts where a business owner is asked to prepare something that is deemed as offensive. The Constitution would still protect against refusal to serve based not on the act of free speech but on the class or identity of the customer.”

You either protect free speech for everyone or give the government the power to determine what speech is permitted and what is proscribed, from coffee shops to cake shops.


Freedom_of_SpeechBelow is my column in The Hill newspaper on how liberals in New York are supplying the Supreme Court ample reason to rule for a Colorado cake shop owner in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case.  As the Court decides whether a baker can refuse to bake a cake deemed offensive, many liberals are asserting the right to refuse to serve conservatives based on their political views or associations.

Here is the column:

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We’re Your Firing Squad – Blackadder Goes Forth

The Two Ronnies – Party Political Broadcast

How do misogynistic employers learn a women is childless in a power couple so to not discriminate against them? How do they know?

Hamas Encourages Rioters on Israel-Gaza Fence to Kidnap Israelis @amnesty

It is up for Hamas to put an end to the violence

Electronic Frontier Foundation Defends PETA’s Science Denial

Green Jihad

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a pretty sturdy defender of free speech rights online. Therefore, in many ways, it is no surprise that EFF decided to take up a case in which PETA alleges their free speech rights were violated when Texas A&M deleted comments by the group about the university lab’s use of dogs in its muscular dystrophy experiments on Texas A&M’s Facebook page.

According to EFF’s press release the group contends:

The school, the nation’s second-largest public university by student enrollment, won’t publish any post containing the animal rights group’s name, or posts containing at least 11 words, including “cruelty,” “abuse,” “torture,” “lab,” “testing,” and “shut.” The censorship started after PETA began an advocacy campaign against Texas A&M for a medical research lab studying muscular dystrophy in dogs for the purposes of finding a cure for the human version of the disease. The lab breeds golden retrievers to…

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Very unwise and quite inappropriate

croaking cassandra

That was my immediate reaction yesterday when someone asked me view of Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr’s latest public comments, on the Christchurch rebuild, PPPs, government infrastructure spending, and so on.

Here was just a sample of what the Reserve Bank Governor said, as reported by Stuff’s Hamish Rutherford

Orr, who is now the governor of the Reserve Bank, made an enthusiastic plea for New Zealand to embrace “third party capital” – a reference to public private partnerships – as a means of boosting investment in infrastructure.

“This country, we’ve gone through the lowest ever global interest rates, we’re in good fiscal health. Why aren’t we investing?” Orr said in an interview.

“Personally, as a citizen of New Zealand I’m very pleased to see public investment being planned and trying to get underway, and I’m even more pleased as a citizen of the world that third party capital is…

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6 Diseases That Have Shaped Human History

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