Day: May 21, 2018

Tasmania’s Pathetic Wind Power Push: Plug Gets Pulled on Plans for All RE Future


These days, it’s almost impossible for wind power promoters to finish a sentence without reference to batteries or pumped hydro.

In the beginning, when the wind industry said ‘let there be light’, they meant only occasionally, and only when the wind was blowing, just right.

Now that the average punter has worked out that the only guarantee delivered by wind power, is guaranteed chaos, those still in on the rort are bound to start waffling about storing all that wonderful ‘green’ energy; lovingly caressed from nature’s bounteous breezes (albeit at times when there is no market for it), to be gently guided back into the grid when there might actually be a demand for it.

In that vein, PM, Malcolm Turnbull is all pumped up about Snowy 2.0 (an un-costed $10 billion brain fart, unlikely to get past the scoping phase).  And there are plenty also pumping up Tasmania…

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Guardian falsely suggests that Hamas has “softened” its call for Israel’s destruction

In May 2017, we postedabout multiple British news sites – including the Guardian – which misled readers about a new Hamas political document, falsely characterizing it as a sign of the group’s new ‘moderation’.  We noted that nothing could be further from the truth, as the document – despite a few sentences suggesting they’d accept a state on ’67 borders for the time being – still called for violence to liberate Palestine from the ‘River to the Sea’.

A new Guardian report by Oliver Holmes on recent border violence included the following paragraph in the penultimate paragraph:

In May last year, Hamas presented a new charter accepting the idea of a Palestinian state in the occupied territories, not all of historical Palestine, a move that was seen as a softening from the militant faction’s founding charter that advocates Israel’s destruction.

However, the Guardian, as they so often do…

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Going To The Dogs? Therapy Animals Rise 1400 Percent In One Year At Yale


200px-official_yale_shieldWe have followed the continuing difficulties on airlines where the increasing number of therapy dogs has caused rising complaints from passengers and staff alike, including the recent bizarre case on Frontier Airlines. Universities are facing the same pressures as more students demand the right under federal law to bring their therapy pets to campus and their dormitories.  At Yale, the number of such animals have increased from just one last year to 14 animals this year.  This the increase has come complaints of constant barking and other inconveniences.

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THE Mind-blowing Costs Of Global Warming Hysteria



WHEN will climate-theory-obsessed politicians and sycophant media finally call off their global warming climate change jihad that’s punishing the poor without helping the planet?

WE were told we’d have more cyclones, not less.

WE were promised “permanent” drought, not record rains.

WE were promised less snow, not more.

WE were promised more “extreme weather”, not less.

WE were promised less crops, not record output.

WE were promised more global warming, not a near twenty year warming “pause”.

POWER prices through the roof. Pensioners unable to pay for their heating or cooling. It’s time to count the shocking price we’ve paid for listening to global warming scaremongers like Tim Flannery.

SEE now what their panic-making has inspired – global warming schemes that have hurt us infinitely more than any slight global warming could ever do.


DURING the height of the…

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Orr defends himself

The key skill of top civil servants is to be boring in public. That way, they stay out of political controversies and can work for governments from both sides of the house. No one cares what the opinions are of civil servants unless they are controversial.

croaking cassandra

There seems to have been almost no media coverage of an extraordinary statement put out late on Wednesday by the going-rogue Governor of the Reserve Bank, Adrian Orr.  Perhaps he was fortunate that all eyes were already on Thursday’s Budget.

I’ve been drawing attention to the way in which Orr has been speaking out on all and sundry issues – often contentious political issues – for which neither he nor the Bank has been assigned responsibility by Parliament.   We’ve had climate change issues, infrastructure spending, both sides of the bank conduct issue (where he was defending the banks only to flip sides and start poking a stick at them), sustainable agriculture, and capital gains taxes. (Various posts touching on the Governor’s comments are here.)

Last week he was at it again, giving an interview to Stuff’s Hamish Rutherford in which he took the opportunity to attack the…

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#DrawMohammedDay [Image partially censored to comply with Facebook guidelines]