Day: May 30, 2018

The gender gap in income is primarily driven by motherhood in three countries


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“[Jesus] Wouldn’t Be Riding A Donkey”: Televangelists Calls On Followers To Buy Him A Fourth Private Jet For $54 Million

The reason for the vow of poverty is to signal that you not in it for the money.


Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 8.41.04 PM.pngWe have previously discussed the divine logic used by televangelists to justify their use of private luxury jets. Louisiana televangelist Jesse Duplantis, 68, not only believes that God wants him to have a jet but a fourth jet . . . and for the faithful to pay for it.

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BBC News website coverage of Gaza terrorists’ mortar attacks

BBC Watch

Just before 7 a.m. on May 29th residents of Israeli communities near the border with the Gaza Strip had to rush for cover as a barrage of twenty-five mortars was fired by terrorists. Roughly an hour later another two mortars were fired and just after 09:30 a third attack took place.

“At least 28 mortar shells were fired at southern Israel in at least three separate barrages Tuesday morning as sirens blared throughout the area, the army said, amid heightened tensions along the Gaza border.

One person was lightly injured by shrapnel in his shoulder and was being treated at the Soroka medical center in Beersheba. […]

“The army said its Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted the majority of the incoming shells from the first barrage.

One of the shells struck a tree in the yard of a kindergarten in the Eshkol region, less than an hour before students…

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What on earth happened to poor Tommy Robinson? 10 Things You Should Know.

The Secret Barrister

It can now be reported that Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, convicted fraudster, sometime-football hooligan and self-reinvented free speech advocate, was on Friday 25 May 2018 imprisoned for 13 months for contempt of court after livestreaming footage of participants in a criminal trial outside Leeds Crown Court.

Some people will have seen reference to this on social media; others may have had the plight of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – to use his real name – drawn to their attention by the hordes of protestors storming London over the May bank holiday weekend. But there has not, until today, been mainstream coverage of the case due to a reporting restriction – what is known as a “postponement order” – that forbade publication of these facts until after the conclusion of the trial (and subsequent related trial) upon which he was purporting to “report”.

While, as we’ll see…

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Can Batteries Solve The Intermittency Problem?


By Paul Homewood

There seems to have been a certain amount of interest in adding battery storage systems to wind and solar farms recently. Needless to say, the owners are not attempting to cure the problem of intermittency. Instead there appear to be two main reasons:

1) Storage systems are eligible for subsidy under the Capacity Market and also the National Grid’s Supplemental Balancing Reserve, both designed to buy in standby capacity.

2) Power produced during times of surplus, say on windy or sunny days, would tend to have a lower economic value. By using it to recharge batteries, the stored power could be sold at a higher price at times of shortage or high demand.

Hywind Scotland, the floating offshore wind farm is a good example of the latter, with plans to add 1 MW of storage.

We often hear about the capacity of battery systems, but rarely…

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