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1950s Britain – Part Four

Come Step Back In Time

Ration book Britain. St. Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington, Hampshire.


At the beginning of the decade, food and cookery in Britain lacked variety and failed to inspire the palette. The nation’s cooks were sick of having to keep coming-up with innovative recipe ideas for the limited range of available foods. Food rationing placed a considerable strain on the beleaguered housewife. In 1951, meat rations were meagre. Finally, in 1952, tea was de-rationed, followed a year later by eggs and cream.

Powdered egg a kitchen staple in ration book Britain. MShed Museum, Bristol.

Sugar rationing ended at midnight on September 26th 1953 after thirteen and a half years of restrictions. In the four months leading-up to the de-rationing of this essential food item, the weekly ration, per person was one pound of sugar. The de-rationing of sugar gave a much-needed boost to the manufacture…

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“Tokyo Story”

Why Evolution Is True

Yasujiro Ozu’s great movie—in my view, one of the two greatest non-Anglophone films ever made (the other, also Japanese, is Ikiru)—is now free on YouTube, and with English subtitles.

Read about Tokyo Storyhere and see the uniformly positive reviews here (100% critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes).

If you watch it, put it on the biggest computer screen you have.

You’re welcome.

Ikiru, directed and co-written by Kurosawa, is also free on Daily Motion (three parts: here, here and here), and with English subtitles.

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