Guardian amplifies B’tselem propaganda on the “barbaric” Israeli policy of enforcing its own laws

A Guardian op-ed by David Zonsheine, board chairman of B’Tselem, charged Israel with engaging in a “barbaric” act against Bedouin in Khan al-Ahmar, an encampment in the contested E-1 area between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim – within (Israeli controlled) Area C of the West Bank.

The article begins thusly:

Israel is intent on destroying the homes of the 173 Palestinians who live in the small shepherding community of Khan al-Ahmar, along with the school that serves 150 children from the area. Last month, Israel’s high court of justice removed the last obstacle to this barbaric act of demolishing an entire community in order to forcibly transfer its residents and take over their land.

We’ve highlighted the words “their land” because it erroneously suggests that the Palestinians own the land in question. However, as is made clear elsewhere in the article – and, as CAMERA demonstrated in a recent post on…

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Hong Kong filmmakers found guilty of possession of fake banknotes..

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This is interesting bit of news. Apparently two filmmakers in an award winning film used fake currency notes. But they looked so real that they have been booked:

Cheung Wai-chuen and Law Yun-lam were found guilty on May 31 of possession of counterfeit cash that was used in the film, which took home five awards – including best picture – at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards.

In a twist worthy of a Hollywood plot, the authenticity that had garnered the film so much acclaim was now the pair’s undoing.

The Eastern Court heard that in 2016, the year the film came out, Law borrowed 9,996 fake HK$1,000 banknotes from Cheung for a prank. Police found the money in Law’s car and later discovered some 200,000 more banknotes at Cheung’s props company.

Since the notes were so close to the real McCoy, Eastern Court Magistrate Cheung Kit-yee said she…

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US top 1% turn about to be such lazy devils. Class war cancelled once again

In a blow to #fakenews and Marxism, people aren’t that gullible

Indian chess star pulls out of Asian chess championship, refusing to wear a hijab

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Our hero of the week is Soumya Swaminathan, a woman grandmaster chess champion from India (she’s 29). She was also the former World Girls’ Junior Chess Champion. Now she’s deliberately hurt her career in the cause of women’s rights—and her own rights—by pulling out the Indian National Team that will play at the Asian Nations Cup to be held in Iran from July 26 to August 4. Iran, of course, requires women to wear hijabs in public, something that isn’t just tolerated by many Western feminists and Control Leftists, but positively extolled. They rarely mention the many women who, under compulsion, wear the garment when they don’t want to, which of course is the point of the My Stealthy Freedom and White Wednesdays movements in Iran. I expect Swaminathan mentions the burkha because she’d have to cover her whole body if she went outside.

Here’s Swaminathan’s statement from…

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