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Arkansas Man Arrested After Giving Waitress Her Own Stolen Credit Card To Pay For Meal


c8028912-ec91-4240-8451-515910cde201-large16x9_shamonwest2Shamon West, 21, may want to look a bit more closely at the stolen ids of his victims.  West stole the purse of Flora Lunsford from her car while she was getting gas.  Two days later, he gave the card back to Lunsford after claiming to be her to pay for his meal.  She called the police instead.

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A ‘BBC Minute’ backgrounder misleads on Palestinian refugees

BBC Watch

Yesterday we saw how a backgrounder on Jerusalem produced by the BBC World Service’s ‘BBC Minute’ misled its target audience of “young people” with regard to the 1949 armistice lines.

Last month BBC Minute produced two more of the items that it portrays as “making sense of the news” – this time relating to the Gaza Strip.  In those two items – still available online – once again a BBC Arabic journalist misled audiences with inaccurate information and presented context-free portrayals.

The first item is titled “BBC Minute: On Gaza clashes” and was published on May 16th.

“Gaza witnessed what’s described as the deadliest day of violence since 2014. Some 58 Palestinians were killed and Palestinian officials say around 2,700 were wounded during clashes with Israeli troops. It comes amid weeks of rising tension. We hear from the BBC’s Nida Ibrahim, who is in Gaza.”


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