The Rolling Stones – Waiting On A Friend


Florida Woman Charged After Driving With Ex-Boyfriend On Hood For Nearly 20 Miles


Patresha Isidore, 24, is facing a rather novel criminal charge after she drove nearly 20 miles with her ex-boyfriend clinging to the hood of her car.  It appears that speeding with a person on your hood down the highway will only get you a misdemeanor in Florida. The bizarre videotape is below.

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Reviewing free banking in different US States and lessons for cryptocurrencies

Mostly Economics

Nice article by Helen Fessenden of Richmond Fed.

The idea of an “unregulated” currency, however, isn’t new. Before the Civil War, the United States ran a vast natural experiment by leaving “free banking” to the states, even while other major economies were adopting central banking. From the demise of the Second Bank of the United StatesOffsite in 1836 until the passage of National Banking ActsOffsite of 1863 and 1864, the United States lacked a federal authority to issue and redeem banknotes, act as a fiscal agent for the federal government, or keep banknote issuance in check. Instead, banking was run by the states, and “free banks” could issue their own banknotes. But just how much did this amount to the kind of free-entry, highly decentralized currency competition that some cryptocurrency backers advocate today?

Helen says free banking experiences differed across States. It was successful in New York and New England. This was largely…

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Family Hit With $18,000 Bill From Hospital After Their Infant Was Given A Brief Nap and Released


The_ScreamWe previously discussed the ridiculous and dishonest health care system with hospitals charge absurd amounts in a system designed for padded and dishonest billing.  The latest example comes from a family on vacation to San Francisco who took their two-year-old son into the emergency room of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital after he hit his head.  After a brief check up, Jeong-whan was cleared by doctors and, after a brief nap, he was released. The family was hit two years later with an $18,000 bill.

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The 1970s Global Cooling Scare (and how the warming scare could not have happened without it)

Enthusiasm, Scepticism and Science

This is the second post drawing on themes raised in Searching for the Catastrophe Signal.

Forty-five years ago today, two geologists penned a letter to the president of the United States warning that the rocky descent into the next ice age might have already begun.

Letter from Kukla and Matthews to the President of the United States, 3 December, 1972 A letter written by two Quaternary geologists George Kukla and Robert Matthews to Richard Nixon raised concerns that recent bad weather might indicated that the present interglacial was ending. This letter helped to set in train a series of events that raised the profile of climate anxieties in the USA and globally. Source: Reeves & Gemmill.

The year 1972 remains infamous in the annals of meteorology for extreme weather events all around the globe. Towards the end of that year, in a letter dated 3 December 1972, two geologists George Kukla and Robert Matthews warned President Nixon that…

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