Day: July 3, 2018

Wind power can’t fill Sweden’s nuclear energy gap

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Ringhals nuclear power site, Sweden [image credit: Vattenfall]
Another example of the obvious inadequacy of part-time unpredictable wind power, and its consequencies for countries that insist on pursuing it. Relying on imports to avoid power shortages can’t be ideal for any country.
H/T The GWPF/Reuters

Sweden will have to import more electricity during winter as the country, a net power exporter to the rest of Europe, shifts from nuclear to wind, its grid operator said.

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The Govt has gone bananas with our money (while casting a doubt on its climate policies)

Point of Order

Ministers in charge of science funding and Maori development have sent out a confusing signal which – at first blush – suggests they harbour doubts about the efficacy of their Govt’s climate change policies.

Those policies, including net-zero-emission targets, presumably are intended to slow – if not halt – climate warming.

But the Ministers of whom we write have doled out money for a banana-growing industry.

Some may muse that this is to prepare the way for climate change effects which allow horticulturalists to abundantly grow tropical fruits.

Not necessarily.

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More about cultural appropriation of cuisine

Why Evolution Is True

The Washington Post has an article on cultural appropriation of food (click on screenshot to read it) in which people agonize about whether it’s okay for people of one ethnicity to sell the food of other ethnic groups, or write cookbooks about it. (The title refers to the shutting down of a Portland food cart in which two white women sold burritos from recipes they’d garnered in Mexico. They were faulted for not compensating the Mexican women whose recipes they’d adapted.)

In general I agree with author Tim Carman, who thinks that cultural appropriation of food is okay so long as a modicum of cultural sensitivity is exercised. There’s not much new here, including what Carman see as “The Problem”:

The problem, of course, is not that a white diner falls in love with an immigrant cuisine. It’s that a white person profits from the cuisine or, more troublesome for…

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Captain James Cook: A Biography by Richard Hough (1994)

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A grave, steady man (Boswell, quoted page 342)

I’ve covered a lot of the detail of the three epic voyages of discovery carried out by Captain James Cook in my review of the current exhibition about them being held at the British Library in London.

That review includes detail of the routes, the places ‘discovered’ and first mapped by Europeans (Tahiti, New Zealand, Hawaii, among many others) and the baleful impact which First Contact with white men had on the native peoples of those places.

Having put all that factual information, and discussion of the attendant cultural controversy, down in another place, this in a sense frees me up to enjoy Hough’s rather old-fashioned biography as a straightforward narrative of derring-do and adventure.

Space and detail

Hough (pronounced How) takes us deep into the day-to-day experience of being an officer or ordinary sailor or one of the scientific passengers, on…

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Palestinian “mother of martyrs” gets over $1 million and a big monthly stipend for having six terrorist sons who murdered at least 17 Israelis

Why Evolution Is True

Imagine, if you will, an Israeli mother who sent her six civilian sons into Palestine to murder Palestinians. They succeed, though one son is killed, and manage to kill at least 17 Palestinians, most of them civilians or policemen and policewomen. The Israeli mother is held up as a hero in her country, though one of her sons is killed and the other four given life sentences. Just recently, a sixth son confessed to the murder of a Palestinian activist, and is also given a life sentence in Palestine.

The Israeli government gives big bucks to the mother as a reward and as an incentive for others to murder Palestinians—whether civilian, police, or military. So far the payments to the mother, who is praised by Benjamin Netanyahu, amount to $ 1,007,611, and she continues to receive $10,000 a month. Moreover, she’s chosen to represent Israel in a campaign at the…

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