Christina Hoff Sommers v. Feminist on Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces”

Anurag Deb: The Unquiet Irish Border Problem: Implications in the Aftermath of the Withdrawal Act

UK Constitutional Law Association

On 26 June 2018, the hitherto hotly-debated European Union (Withdrawal) Bill became an Act of Parliament (“2018 Act”) after a tennis match of amendments and counter-amendments between Parliament’s two Houses. Much has been said by leading academics about the contents of the 2018 Act both during its stormy passage through Parliament and after its enactment (see for example Professors Paul Craig, Alison Young and Mark Elliott). However, there is one part of the 2018 Act which merits a detailed examination: section 10 and its implications for the Irish border.

Section 10 of the 2018 Act creates a two-fold duty for Crown Ministers: that they must not act incompatibly with the Northern Ireland Act 1998 (“NIA 1998”) and must have “due regard to the joint report from the negotiators of the EU and the United Kingdom Government on progress during phase 1 of negotiations under Article 50”…

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Knowledge Problem

Lynne Kiesling

Thanks to the invaluable Will Wilkinson for his link to this U. of C. Chronicle article profiling Ronald Coase:

Coase said that its very difficult to imagine a system that would work better than one with private property rights and a market: mechanisms that have proved themselves repeatedly against regimes where central authority is the dominant economic force. A private enterprise system with vigorous, competitive markets seems to function best because central authority cannot have all the diffused knowledge that is captured effectively by the workings of the market, he said.

Channeling Hayek a little there … and offering a pretty fair representation of the results in my freshman seminar today when we created a pollution permit market and ran it under a bunch of different rules. One of the almost surprising insights to my students (mostly because they’ve never thought about it before) is that in…

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Comparing private and government currency circulation in Sweden, US and Canada…

Mostly Economics

Superb paper by Ben Fung, Scott Hendry, Warren E. Weber (Bank of Canada).

It looks at this history of currency circulation in Sweden and compares it with Canada and US. Just to put things in perspective, in Sweden government currency preceded private currency. Whereas in Canada and US, private notes came before government. They also try and figure what do these experiences mean for digital currencies:

This paper examines the experience of Sweden with government notes and private bank notes to determine how well the Swedish experience corresponds to that of Canada and the United States. Sweden is important to study because it has had government notes in circulation for more than 350 years, and it had government notes before private bank notes. Several differences between the experience of Sweden and that of Canada and the U.S. emerge. (i) Swedish bank notes were safe; in some cases, those of Canada and the U.S…

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A Christian’s job interview – Tracey Ullman’s Show: Series 2 Episode 4

Pippa Fleming in The Economist!

Blofeld & Baxter “Geoffrey Boycott – England Captain”

Bjorn Lomborg slams Al Gore over false global warming predictions

Green Jihad

Environmental Economist Bjorn Lomborg was interviewed last year on Fox Business Network about Al Gore’s prediction that 75 percent of the Arctic’s ice will be gone due to global warming.

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Trench Warfare in World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special

Drop the Dead Donkey S05e010 Luck

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