Day: July 29, 2018

Guardian op-ed by Daniel Barenboim distorts nation-state law and Israel’s founding principles

In his Guardian op-ed, Daniel Barenboim, a musician who holds Israeli citizenship, follows in the Guardian tradition of expressing contempt for Israel by claiming that its policies betray the country’s founding principles, whilst distorting both the policies and founding principles.  His piece attacking the Jewish nation-state law(This racist new law makes me ashamed to be Israeli, July 23) in fact grossly mischaracterises both the bill and the founding Zionist ideals (articulated in Israel’s Declaration of Independence) it is said to betray.

He begins by selectively quoting from Israel’s declaration of independence:

“The state of Israel will devote itself to the development of this country for the benefit of all its people; it will be founded on the principles of freedom, justice and peace, guided by the visions of the prophets of Israel; it will grant full equal, social and political rights to all its citizens regardless of differences of religious faith…

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Another day in the Great Escape

BBC’s dual standards on terror attacks continue

BBC Watch

On the evening of July 26th a terror attack took place in the community of Geva Binyamin (Adam), north of Jerusalem.

“The regional council spokesman said the terrorist climbed over Adam’s security fence. He then walked deeper into the settlement, crossing a playground area, where he encountered the 31-year-old resident, and stabbed him repeatedly in the upper torso. A second resident, the 58-year-old, came out of a nearby home and was also stabbed. A third resident, hearing the disturbance, went outside and, realizing that an attack was occurring, shot the Palestinian terrorist three times, killing him.”

Doctors were unable to save the life of the first victim, who was later named as Yotam Ovadia – a father of two young children.

Early on the morning of July 27th the BBC News website published a report titled “Israeli stabbed to death by Palestinian in West Bank attack”…

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The Price of Principle and Political Prizes

Winston has far more to lose from an early election and government instability than the Greens.

Easy, early, popular issue on which to show they are not to be taken for granted. when they do stand up to Winston, it will be on a narrow greenie or foreign policy issue that pleases only their activists.

One Sock: Heather Roy's Blog

Heather Roy

27 July 2018

What price a principle? Coalition politics is about prizes and prices.  One of Winston Peters’ prizes for making Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister is support for the Waka Jumping Bill but without Green Party votes the numbers are not there for the bill to pass. This week, despite warnings by Green Party royalty, the party has decided to support Winston Peters undemocratic measure to control a party’s MPs.

The thing I admired about the Green party, despite frequently disagreeing on particular issues, is that they have always stood by their principles – until this week. There is no way Jeanette Fitzsimmons, Rod Donald, Sue Bradford, Keith Locke, Russel Norman, Kennedy Graham or Sue Kedgley would ever have supported the Waka Jumping Bill.

The Bill is a coalition deal between NZ First and Labour. It was a bottom line for Winston Peters who has been burnt in…

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