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How to tell if your cat is sick


#EndOil isn’t putting investors off oil and gas shares

The Indonesia Documentation Project yesterday released a wealth of recently declassified documents on Soeharto’s last year in office and the collapse of the New Order regime. As always, these documents are a treasure trove of information, but this release is of particular interest to me because they cover the Asian Financial Crisis, economic reform, the fall of Soeharto, and key personalities in Indonesian politics today like Prabowo Subianto.

Here are my three top highlights.

Prabowo on Politics, and the Military, and Soeharto

This document contains a report of a meeting between Assistant Secretary of State Stanley Roth and Prabowo Subianto, who was then Soeharto’s son-in-law and a rising power in the Indonesian military. He recently ran for president, coming in second, and will run again in 2019. At this meeting, Roth and Prabowo discussed the future of Indonesian politics and the military’s role in it, and Prabowo…

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.@NZTreasury does not use staff turnover & retention rates & going rates to set pay @TaxpayersUnion @EricCrampton

The average pay for an economist is about $80,000; the average pay for a sociology graduate is $60,000 according to the Careers New Zealand advice on your salary prospects for various degrees over a career.

Obviously going down market for graduates has not saved the taxpayer a single cent because they pay economists the same as non-economists despite it being easier to recruit an equally smart non-economists for less pay because they have fewer well-paid options in the rest of the labour market. It never occurred to the Treasury that changing the mix of their recruitment pool might save money!