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#AskMeFirst: The left’s shameful response to Laura will push more women to the right

writing by renee

On 20 February, conservative lobby group Family First New Zealand launched a campaign called Ask Me First, in response to the “growing trend in both New Zealand schools and public places to allow men to enter women’s spaces — female toilets, showers, changing rooms, camp bunk rooms, and sports teams.” A key campaign video amplifies the voice of an 18-year-old high school student called Laura, who is concerned about female-only spaces being opened up to males on the basis of “gender identity”.

Laura explains that at her all girls’ high school early last year,

we got news that this student wanted to be in this school, this guy. And the school granted him access. As the year progressed, he wanted access to the female bathrooms. At that point, I was like “No, this isn’t right.”

Cue the liberal backlash. Journalists on the left are completely ignoring the implications to…

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Weather Wages War on Wind Power: Typhoon Topples Turbine in Japan


How ironic it is that a wholly weather dependent power source has such a bitterly hard time coping with the … ahem … weather.

When Hurricane Maria visited Puerto Rico last year, she managed to splatter wind turbine blades all over the island, leaving residents completely powerless: Weather Dependent Wind Power: Leaves Hurricane Victims Powerless

A typhoon in Taiwan did much the same:

And lightning has been laying them to waste in Ireland:

It’s almost as if Mother Nature has got it in for these things? This time a little blow in Japan managed to knock another one out of the game.

Awaji Island wind turbine topples over as typhoon cuts through western Japan
The Japan Times
24 August 2018

KOBE – A 60-meter-high wind turbine erected in a park on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture toppled over in the early hours of Friday as powerful Typhoon Cimaron…

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The Power of Intolerant Minorities

Committing Sociology

There are those who maintain that there’s no free speech crisis on college campuses, that it’s all just a moral panic. Jonathan Haidt’s response to this charge in the latest edition of the Likeville Podcast is nuanced and thoroughly convincing.

He first concedes that this is in fact a moral panic. Conservatives are freaking out and the right-wing media habitually exaggerates the significance of the problem. But that doesn’t mean that the problem isn’t real. Real problems lead to moral panics with some regularity. The crack epidemic is a case in point.

Haidt then observes that most of those who claim that there’s no problem on college campuses point to surveys that show that most students are in fact rather moderate. Whilst true, this observation is beside the point. Because average students aren’t the problem; it’s the intolerant minority. They’re the ones who make life hell for everyone else.


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From @JonHaidt and @glukianoff’s The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure

Reserve Bank Amendment Bill – a submission

croaking cassandra

Submissions to Parliament’s Finance and Expenditure Committee on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (Monetary Policy) Amendment Bill close today.  Despite my scepticism about the value of the process –  given that the Bank and the Minister are already actively recruiting members of their tame Monetary Policy Committee –  I did lodge a submission this morning.

The full text is here Submission to FEC Reserve Bank of NZ Amendment bill Sept 2018

Most of it covers ground I’ve dealt with here over recent months, albeit in more abbreviated form. There are two main aspects to the bill:

  • the proposed change in the statutory goal of monetary policy, and
  • the creation of a statutory Monetary Policy Committee.

On the former

The case for having active discretionary monetary policy is – and always has been – about cyclical stabilisation.   We don’t need an active Reserve Bank to deliver broadly stable price levels over…

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