Michael Caine Talks About Sean Connery


At 2018 Connecticut championships, 5 of the 6 medalists in men’s and women’s 100m finals were biologically male

There is big money is women’s college sports scholarships too.

the earnings advantage is 10–20% for people who are fluent in the dominant language compared with those who are not

An Open Letter to The Green Party from Women’s Voices Matter

Gender Critical Greens

Dear Green Party Member/Officer/Representative,
An open letter from Womens Voices Matter

In February this year I wrote the text below, and then the nasty “TERF BLOCKER” list that the Green Party LGBTIQA+ twitter account compiled and tweeted was subsequently turned into a private access only link. So I chose not to send the following email.

I subsequently came across the ‘Equal Opportunities’ manifesto article, authored by Aimee Challenor in an official capacity as the Green Parties Equalities Spokesperson. It is dangerously misogynistic and erases women, especially lesbians and bi-sexual women.

I would like you to know, that current media attention relating to allegations of wrongdoing by Aimee Challenors father have absolutely no relation to this email, which was authored months prior to extremely distressing allegations being revealed by mainstream media coverage of David Challenors imprisonment for child sexual abuse over the last few days.
Women’s Voices Matter would like the…

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