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Welcome to the Revolution: Reading Ronald Reagan

My Journey Through the Best Presidential Biographies

During my transition between presidents it has become customary for me to pause a moment, take a deep breath and reflect on what I’ve learned on this fascinating adventure.

But with just 154 days until Presidents’ Day 2019 (my target for completing this first broad sweep through the best presidential biographies) there is precious little time to smell the roses…

The next two months will be jam-packed, with a dozen biographies of Ronald W. Reagan totaling about 6,500 pages. That sounds like a lot, but only time will tell how close I’m able to get to his inner core.

By most accounts Reagan was remarkably easy to befriend…but famously difficult to know. No less than Edmund Morris (a Pulitzer Prize-winning author tasked with writing his authorized biography) found him utterly enigmatic and bewildering.

Reagan did, however, leave behind lots of footprints including a presidential diary and no shortage of…

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Guardian op-ed by Avi Shlaim on Oslo’s failure erases Palestinians entirely from the story

Guardian contributor Avi Shlaim is an Oxford Universityanti-Zionist “historian” who’s been roundly criticized for his shoddy research and clear political biases and has characterised Zionism as the greatest single threat to Jews, blaming Israel – and not anti-Semites – for the upsurge of antisemitism throughout the world. 

Shlaim’s latest Guardian op-ed on the 25th anniversary of Oslo (“Palestinians still live under apartheid in Israel, 25 years after the Oslo accord”, Sept. 13), consistent with the denial of Palestinian agency seen in so much British media coverage of the region, manages to erase the actions of Palestinians, and the decisions of their leaders, almost entirely from the equation.

Shlaim places the blame for Oslo’s failure almost entirely on Benjamin Netanyahu, who he accuses of having ‘froze, distorted, subverted, and undermined’ the accords during his first stint as prime minister, and blocking peace talks with unrealistic demands during his second stint.  What Shlaim…

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Greenpeace’s “Making Oil History Tour”- Courtesy Of Diesel Engines


By Paul Homewood

Greenpeace have launched their “Making Oil History“ tour, sending the Rainbow Warrior around New Zealand to spread the message and talk about the “clean energy future”:



However, while the Rainbow Warrior has sails it is also dependent on diesel engines for “bad weather conditions”!


Bad weather conditions? Well, fair enough I hear you say.

But it does not end there! The manufacturer’s spec also states:

The ship has the capacity to carry and launch inflatable boats in tough weather conditions. It also has a helicopter landing facility. The oceanic vessel is equipped with the latest in electronic navigation, sailing and communications equipment.

The ship was built to meet strict environmental demands and as a result the heat generated from the engine is recycled to heat the cabins and the used water is treated and purified by a biological system.

I think it is reasonable…

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