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The Simpsons in Liberal jail


Gang Green’s Money Laundering Machine EXPOSED!

Green Jihad

The Institute for Energy Research (IER) has a comprehensive database detailing environmentalist groups nationwide and the millions (if not billions) of dollars they funnel to different causes, such as anti-fossil fuel campaigns. The Energy Editor of The Daily Caller reviewed IER’s information and here is some of what he has uncovered:

The Energy Foundation handed out $444 million in grants and the Sea Change Foundation doled out $373 million. The Energy Foundation got funding from liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s charitable trust from 2009 to 2013, the group disclosed on its website.

Steyer, a deep-pocketed environmental activist, is leading an effort to impeach President Donald Trump. The former Hillary Clinton campaign bundler has poured millions of his own fortune into his “Need To Impeach” campaign.

The Sea Change Foundation has been targeted by Congress over potential ties to Russian oligarchs. House lawmakers asked the Department of the Treasury to investigate a…

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