Day: October 6, 2018

Election? What Election? How Brown’s dithering ended the New Labour era

Anthony Broxton

The party insiders urged him to call it. David Cameron challenged him to it. Gordon Brown tried to play politics with it for a short term gain. Eventually the hesitancy destroyed a carefully crafted reputation, and Labour have looked like the opposition ever since. So why didn’t Brown call that General Election of 2007?

As Gordon Brown stood on the steps of 10 Downing Street for the first time as prime minister, he promised to “reach out beyond narrow party interest; I will build a government that uses all the talents; I will invite men and women of goodwill to contribute their energies in a new spirit of public service to make our nation what it can be.”

It was the culmination of a lifetime’s ambition, to stand in front of the nation as a Labour prime minister. Yet his struggle to reach the top was not without consequence. For twenty…

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