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Climate Politics as Manichean Paranoia – Roger Pielke Jr. GWPF, July 2017

An unavoidable fact: The battle to halt climate change will be won or lost in China. America’s power is marginal.

Booker On The UN’s Latest Mega Panic


By Paul Homewood

Andrew Marr and guests on the BBC this morning were bemoaning the fact that the Sunday Papers showed virtually no interest in the latest IPCC “We’re all going to die” scare.

As an example of the BBC’s approach to impartiality and balance, one of the two guests invited to review the papers was a certain Sian Berry. No, I had not either, but as well being a London Assembly member (town councillor to me and you), she is also co-leader of the Green Party, which tells you more about the quality of Green Party politicians than the ability of young Sian!

She actually had the nerve to suggest that Britain was lagging behind the rest of the world when it came to climate change. Unsurprisingly Marr did not challenge on such a dishonest statement.

The GWPF noted last week what the newspapers were headlining the day after…

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100% Of Climate Models Prove that 97% of Climate Scientists Were Wrong!


Times CMIP5.pngAS egg-on-face moments go, it was a double-yolker. Last week a group of climate scientists published apaper that admitted the estimates of global warming used for years to torture the world’s conscience and justify massive spending on non-carbon energy sources were, er, wrong. | THE TIMES

IN February 2016, climate scientist Dr. John Christy presented testimony to Congress demonstrating that the UN IPCC’s CMIP5 climate models grossly exaggerate and over estimate the impact of atmospheric CO2 levels on global temperatures. Dr. Christy noted in his testimony that “models over-warm the tropical atmosphere by a factor of approximately three″.

Christy CMIP5UN IPCC CMIP5 Climate models Vs Observations – presented by John Christy PhD to US Senate Congress on Climate Change


Dr. Christy was 100% correct …

A landmark paper by warmist scientists in Nature Geoscience now concedes the world has indeed not warmed as predicted, thanks to a…

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$850m lost in benefit fraud @CarmelSepuloni @_AAAP_ @MaramaDavidson @RMarchNZ @TaxpayersUnion

The estimates are based on the self-reported benefit fraud in the 2012 Chapple and Crichton paper which must be a minimum bound because you would expect at least some benefit fraudsters to be discreet in their dealings with government and the statistics bureau.

Computed from 2018 Budget papers, WINZ benefit data, Chapple and Crichton (2012), Chapple and Boston (2014). See too

Renewables Rejected: More Countries Get Serious About Serious Power Generation


Countries serious about their economic prosperity are getting serious about serious power generation. Ontario, China and Japan have slashed subsidies and mandated targets for wind and solar; between them China and Japan are building hundreds of high-efficiency, low emissions coal-fired plant at home and even more across South-East Asia.

Germany’s transition to an all wind and sun powered future has descended into an economic debacle and, soon enough, it will be forced to retreat from the brink.

Australia’s new Federal Energy Minister, Angus Taylor is determined to slash subsidies to wind and solar, referring to them as “virtue signalling with other people’s money”. Ominous stuff for renewable energy rent seekers, Downunder.

It’s almost like there’s been a breakout of common sense!

Lawrence Solomon picks up the theme below.

Lawrence Solomon: Trudeau stands alone as Canada — and the world — abandons green energy
Business Financial Post
Lawrence Solomon

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UKMW prompts Guardian to acknowledge there’s no ‘settler-only’ roads in the West Bank

BBC Watch

Cross posted fromUK Media Watch

The myth that there are ‘Jews-only’ or ‘settler-only’ roads in the West Bank has been debunked numerous times over the years by CAMERA and its affiliates – prompting corrections at media outlets such as CNNAssociated PressWashington PostThe EconomistFinancial Times and The Telegraph.

As we’ve explained on numerous occasions, there are, for security reasons, a very small percentage of roads in the West Bank restricted to Palestinians.  However, all roads are open to Israeli citizens of all religious backgrounds and foreign nationals of all religious backgrounds.  There is not, nor have there ever been, religiously based restrictions on roads in Israel or the West Bank – nor roads only for settlers.

The latest publication to publish a version of this lie is the Guardian, in an Oct. 11th op-ed by Nkosi Zwelivelile (the grandson of Nelson Mandela) attempting to use…

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