German Revolution 1918-19 | 3 Minute History


George Selgin | How the Fed prolonged the Great Recession

Will Corbyn be Prime Minister by Christmas? History Would Suggest Not…

Anthony Broxton

It was in the Summer of 2017 – at the hedonistic setting of Glastonbury – that Jeremy Corbyn predicted he would be Prime Minister by Christmas. He later claimed he would do it within twelve months. Experts now agree that October will be an ‘Autumn of Discontent’ for the Tories. The door could indeed be opened for Corbyn. But as a new book outlines, minority governments are surprisingly durable and difficult to bring down. 

Over the next three months, Britain will encounter political drama of the highest order. Theresa May – forced to test her strength in a meaningful vote on the Brexit deal – will rely on Labour rebels and Tory enemies to pass it through. She will raise the no doubt use the threat of a general election to stave off such a defeat. Labour’s hopes rest on a ‘single issue’ autumn election on the deal, extending article 50, a further re-negotiation and –…

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JORDAN PETERSON On Global Warming : The Clip That Should Be Mandatory Viewing In All Schools!


JORDAN PETERSON - Cambridge - AGW Beatdown - Climatism Jordan Peterson – Canada’s way of apologizing to the world for Justin Trudeau!

JORDAN PETERSON is a professor at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist and the author of the million-plus selling ’12 Rules for Life’, a Number 1 bestseller. He rose to international prominence in 2016, after criticising the Canadian government’s enactment of Bill C-16.

THE psychologist and internet celebrity has been touted as ‘the most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now’, with contentious views on gender, political correctness. A culture warrior, who has no truck with “white privilege”, “cultural appropriation” and a range of other ideas associated with social justice movements.

PROFESSOR Peterson is Canada’s way of apologizing to the world for Justin Trudeau!


MUST WATCH clip of on global warming at the Cambridge Union that should be mandatory viewing in all schools!

DOESN’T get much better than this…


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100 years after World War 1

Notes On Liberty

In the five weeks since the Germans first requested peace negotiations, half a million casualties had been added to the war’s toll. As the delegates talked, Germany continued to collapse from within: inspired by the Russian Revolution, workers and soldiers were forming soviets, or councils. Bavaria proclaimed itself a socialist republic; a soviet took over in Cologne.


But can we really say that the war was won? If ever there was a conflict that both sides lost, this was it. For one thing, it didn’t have to happen. There were rivalries among Europe’s major powers, but in June, 1914, they were getting along amicably. None openly claimed part of another’s territory. Germany was Britain’s largest trading partner. The royal families of Britain, Germany, and Russia were closely related, and King George V and his cousins Kaiser Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II had all recently been together for the…

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