Day: November 14, 2018

Why Getting Sick in Space Is the gross


The Annals of the TERF-Wars

If a friend was profoundly depressed, suicidally depressed perhaps, would it be wise to accept their self-diagnosis of what causes their depression and what is the right solution.

If so, all mental health care professionals would be out of a job.

Jane Clare Jones

So, yesterday this turned up in my feed, which struck me as something of an, um, mispresentation… and somehow, I ended up writing my own version of how this whole thing went down…


Prologue: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Transsexual women: We just want some basic human rights.

Women: Okay.

Transsexual women: We have this condition called gender dysphoria and it’s really painful and we need to transition to live as the other sex because it’s the treatment for the dysphoria.

Women: Yeah, that sounds tough. Okay, if that’s what you need to do.

Transsexual women: We’d like you to treat us as women.

Most women: Um, okay. Sure, we can do that if that helps.

Prequel: A long time ago in a lesbian bar that no longer exists

Lesbians: We don’t have to treat you as women for sexual purposes, do we?

Many transsexual…

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Sum total of @jamespeshaw’s knowledge of the cost of #globalwarming after one year in office! @EricCrampton

I drew a blank when I asked a year ago whether the minister for climate change knew the cost of global warming to the New Zealand economy as a percentage of GDP. After one year, the sum total of his knowledge of the cost of global warming as a percentage of GDP is a passing reference in the Zero-Carbon Bill consultation documents.

From page 34

The only information he has on the cost of global warming as a percentage of the GDP of New Zealand is information I supplied to him.