Day: November 23, 2018

Oh dear, it’s populism again

The World is Not Enough

This is just a quick post to draw everyone’s attention to the Guardian‘s new series on European “populism”. You can read its opening salvo here, and you can follow the whole series here. You can even do the quiz to find out how much of a populist its experts think you are (I came out closest to Barack Obama).

For a while there, I thought people had stopped using “populist” as the label for the anti-democratic forces that many of us are concerned about, and were adopting more honest and precise terms like “far-right nationalist”, or just “Trumpist”. So I don’t know if the Guardian is just behind the curve, or if this is a new wave of confusion.

Nonetheless, some of their material on election results looks interesting; I’ll study it when I get the chance and report back. But my general view is that the…

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Proof that Christianity is the wrong faith

Why Evolution Is True

This is a sad story but also a story of stupidity, even if John Chau couldn’t have done other than what he did.

What Chau did, as recounted in the story in the Guardian (click on screenshot), was to hire locals to take him to North Sentinel Island, one of the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands that are territories of India.

And that island is home to the Senitelese, who firmly reject any contact with the outside world. They’ll fire arrows at anyone who comes near, including an Indian helicopter investigating possible damage to the island after the tsunami of 2004. Two years later, two Indian fishermen whose boat accidentally drifted ashore on North Sentinel were killed by the locals. It’s not a good idea to go there.

But Chau was on a mission from God: he wanted to introduce the Senitelese to Jesus. He approached the island…

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