Day: December 19, 2018

Documentary Review

A Blog on Winston Churchill

They Shall Not Grow Old is an astonishing documentary. The familiar herky-jerky and often grainy scratched silent footage of the Western Front during the First World War has been entirely transformed by Peter Jackson in his film that was screened nationwide on December 17th and will be screened again on December 27th. The one-hundred year old original stilted footage that has always seemed to belong to a different and lost era has been restored with the application of technological processes to feel very lifelike and modern. The soldiers in They Shall Not Grow Old are once again made real.

The footage, drawn from the hundreds of hours of film that was shot on hand cranked cameras and is held at the Imperial War Museum, has been cleaned, sped up, and colorized with sounds of war and some music added in. The film narration is excerpted from oral history interviews with…

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Greenpeace’s Business Model


By Paul Homewood

A new study by Willie Soon, Patrick Moore, Michael, Ronan and Imelda Connolly goes to the heart of how Greenpeace operate:


Although Greenpeace relies heavily on marketing, advertising, and free market principles, they promote socialist and anti-capitalist ideals in their messaging.

Greenpeace have successfully created a public perception that they are fighting to protect humanity, nature and the environment from the evils of corrupt industries and vested interests. This perception is so popular and wide-spread that whenever Greenpeace speaks out on an issue it is automatically assumed to be true, and anybody who questions Greenpeace’s claims is assumed to be corrupt. However, as we will discuss in this report, the reality is almost exactly the opposite…

Greenpeace is a very successful business. Their business model can be summarized as follows:

  1. Invent an “environmental problem” which sounds somewhat plausible. Provide anecdotal evidence to support your claims, with…

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Yet another gender gap