Day: December 23, 2018

Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock and the Greeting That Brought Their Worlds Together (Video)

The BackStory

First things first, I’m no Trekkie by any means, heck I can barely speak a decent Klingon!

That being said, despite my best efforts to avoid being sucked into the black hole that is the Star Trek Fandom Universe, some general concepts, underlying themes and lead characters have made their way into my impressionable consciousness. You see, I do believe Star Trek was created upon fundamental, humanistic and universal themes; that if one were to look beyond the “geeky” sci-fi component, we would all find something we could wrap our heads around and appreciate.

That brings us to Captain Kirk’s right-hand man – the iconic Mr. Spock.

Spock has transcended Star Trek like Babe Ruth transcended baseball – you don’t need to have a grasp on the game to appreciate the Babe.  If you’d ask me, I’d say yes the pointy ears and funny name had something to do with Spock’s…

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Brexit: no-deal contingency plans could encourage a deal being struck

Credible commitments always strengthen your negotiating hand.

Point of Order

LONDON CORRESPONDENT:   As the Christmas truce approaches, the EU and UK have set out their respective plans for how they will respond if the UK leaves the EU on 29 March next year without a withdrawal agreement.  The announcements are proof of the increasing likelihood of ‘no deal‘ Brexit; they also have the potential to drive the parties towards the very outcome for which they are the contingency.

The EU preparations bear a passing resemblance to the War of the Roses battle cry of “kill the nobles, spare the commons”.  Steps will be taken to avoid inconveniencing individuals by keeping flights running, protecting the rights of UK residents of the EU and so forth, while going slow on measures to help UK businesses to deal with the flood of new obligations – like border and veterinary checks, licensing requirements, tariffs etc – that will descend overnight.

The hope is…

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Real Time with @BillMaher: New Rule – Don’t Romanticize Socialism – June 10, 2016 (HBO)