Lavrentiy Beria: Stalin’s Architect of Terror


UK Counter-Terrorism Force Assigned To Protect Butchers from Vegan Terrorists

Green Jihad

Since vegan activists in Great Britain have become more violent, the country’s counter-terrorism task force has been assigned to protect people employed with the meat industry.

The UK Daily Mail reveals that the British Poultry Council and the National Pig Association requested support from authorities after increasing threats against employees at farms and slaughterhouses from animal rights terrorists.

In recent years, vegans have been litigating in English courts seeking protections from discrimination and having their lifestyle recognized as legally protected. Sofar, they have failed since it is not the typical philosophical belief such as if one belongs to a religious organization or sect.

During May, the Daily Mail also reported that staff at a family-run butcher establishment in Kent were living in fear resulting from vegan thugs threatening to firebomb the butcher shop, with the outside of the building being covered in Animal Liberation Front graffiti.

It is good British…

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Mapping changes in BBC reporting of Palestinian demand for ‘right of return’

BBC Watch

In July 2013 the BBC News website produced a backgrounder intended to inform audiences about what it considered to be the five “Core Issues” of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians: Jerusalem, borders, settlements, refugees and security. Although that backgrounder is no longer available online in its original form, in a section titled ‘refugees’ the Palestinian position was presented thus:

“Formally, they maintain the “right of return”, arguing that without it a great injustice would not be put right. However, there has been regular talk among Palestinians that this “right” could be met by compensation.” 

In other words, the BBC presented the Palestinian demand for the ‘right of return’ for refugees as a formality and steered audiences towards the view that the issue would be resolved on a practical level by means of compensation.

Over the past nine months, however, audiences have seen changes in the BBC’s presentation of that…

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WWF’s Polar Bear Tours


By Paul Homewood

In David Rose’s article about polar bears in the Mail yesterday, the local Inuit believed that polar bears were no longer scared of humans.

Perhaps one reason is the proliferation in recent years of polar bear tourism.


Even WWF are getting in on the act.

When the bears regularly encounter coachloads of tourists, it is little surprise that they quickly get accustomed to humans, and realise they are little threat.

We should not be surprised by this behaviour. After all we see exactly the same phenomenon in safari parks, albeit more extreme.

The likes of WWF claim that it is lack of food which forces polar bears into human settlements. But it is more likely that their own activities are responsible.

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