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Run Aground: Intermittent Offshore Wind Power Costs 25 Times More Than Ever-Reliable Coal, Gas & Nuclear


Wind power is a pointless nonsense: 100% of its capacity must be backed up 100% of the time with a meaningful, conventional generation source: coal, gas, hydro or nuclear. That grouping never needs ‘backup’, ‘firming’, batteries or prayers to the Wind Gods and such like; they just work, whatever the weather, 24 x 365. Whereas, wind power….

The other reason that wind power makes no sense, is that its ultimate cost is utterly staggering.

Without massive and endless subsidies, there would not be a wind turbine operating anywhere on Earth, full stop.

And, when the scam is taken out to sea, as point out, the cost of the – chaotically intermittent – electricity generated by offshore wind turbines is out of this world.

Offshore wind power, a fraudulent fiasco
The Washington Times

2 December 2018

If you like power when…

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