Kenneth Campbell: Constitutional Dogs That Barked and Dogs That Did Not: The Scottish Continuity Bill in the Supreme Court

UK Constitutional Law Association


Somewhat overshadowed by the Wightman saga, and the unscheduled Conservative leadership demarche, the UKSC decision in the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity)(Scotland) Bill compatibility reference was handed down in the same week in December. It will be argued this decision contains more of lasting constitutional significance which lies both  in the court’s approach to Parliamentary sovereignty, and in the likely consequences for the territorial constitution/devolution settlement in the aftermath of Brexit.

In its basic intent, the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity)(Scotland) Bill (“the Continuity Bill”) occupies some of the same ground as the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, though both were bills at time the battle was joined. It will be recalled that at the time of publication of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill (“the Withdrawal Bill”), the Scottish and Welsh governments took a common position against the provisions so far as relating…

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Sons outearning Fathers in Chetty et al. : working hours should be considered

Notes On Liberty

In response to my post yesterday, my friend and economist/nuclear engineer (great mix) Laurent Béland pointed out that the Father-Sons mobility figures in Chetty et al. are depressing. Yes, at first glance, they are (see below – the red line). fathersons

But, at second glance, it is not as terrible. Think about family structures with the 1940 birth cohorts. The father works and, in most likelihood, the mother is a stay-at-home father. Most of the earnings come from the father who probably works 45 to 60 hours a week.  If my father earns 40,000$ at 60 hours a week or earn 40,000$ at 40 hours a week, the line remains at the same height, but we are not talking about the same living standard in reality. Chetty et al. do not account for hours worked to achieve income.  The steep decline – faster than the baseline of household-size adjusted decline…

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Stigler on Galbraith’s 1977 TV series episode on colonialism

Material progress: how very recent

Fascinating discussion of life in 1950s NZ

croaking cassandra

There was a news story a few years ago in which some academics were reported as suggesting that pretty much everyone of West European descent alive today was descended from Charlemagne, first Holy Roman Emperor.   That he had 18 children, legitimate and otherwise, only increased those probabilities.  35 generations back we each have about 34 billion notional ancestors and yet the total population of north-western Europe back then was only about 20 million.

I didn’t give the story much thought until last week.  For the last few months my 12 year old daughter has been hard at work tracing family trees, with a bit of help from Dad.   I was mostly interested in the last couple of hundred years, but she has been keen to trace every line possible as far back as we could go.  We’ve put in some intense effort over the holidays and last week…

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