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Li Na’s Winner’s Speech | Australian Open 2014


Worthless Wind Power: Australia’s RE Debacle Deepens With 200,000 Victorian Households Left Powerless During Heatwave

At noon, wind power output had collapsed from 1,200 MW to 367 mw


Wind ‘powered’ South Australians already know the drill…

In renewables obsessed Australia these days, whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets, the talk inevitably turns to blackouts.

Last summer, load shedding caught power consumers short in South Australia, Victoria and NSW. Energy hungry businesses such as aluminium smelters and even hospitals were forced to power down during run a scorching days and nights, when temperatures soared and wind power output plummeted: Australia Closes Coal-Fired Power Plants: Hospitals Forced to Cut Power Use & Power Prices Rocket

Well, this Australia Day long-weekend, the barbecue stopper will be this week’s round of what’s euphemistically called “demand management”: Soviet era power rationing, an integral part of Australia’s ludicrous attempt to run on sunshine and breezes. If it wasn’t deadly serious, it’d almost be hilarious.

STT spelt out the truly ‘inevitable’ consequence of attempting to run on sunshine and breezes back in November…

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Canada secures conviction under hate speech law

Why Evolution Is True

Reader Patrick called my attention to two articles in the Globe and Mail and VICE, reporting that Canada’s infrequently-used “hate speech” laws have not only been used to charge two people, but to convict them. Click on the screenshots below:

Globe and Mail:


The two men convicted, James Sears and LeRoy St. Germaine, were respectively the editor and publisher of Your Ward News, a vile Toronto-area newspaper that reached 300,000 people (probably not via subscription). The conviction was for promoting hatred against women and Jews. The content that led to their conviction is described by VICE (Richard Blouin is the judge who rejected the defendants’ claim that their paper was satirical, and his full decision is here):

Blouin goes on to list several examples of this occurring such as when after the Toronto van attack Sears told his readers to shut down women talking down…

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David Friedman & Bob Murphy – The Chicago Vs. Austrian School Debate – PorcFest X