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Andrew Denny: Would a Bill Seeking an Article 50 Extension Require a Money Resolution Proposed by the Government?

UK Constitutional Law Association


The on-going constitutional laboratory experiment that is Brexit has now turned to the question of whether a bill proposed by a backbench MP can be passed into law against the express opposition of the Government.  This scenario gives rise to a number of issues, including whether Parliamentary rules in the form of its standing orders, will need to be amended to enable this.  A number of commentators, including on this blog, have even considered the question of whether in those circumstances, ministers could advise the Queen to refuse Royal Assent to such a bill.  One of the most eminent of these, Sir Stephen Laws, has argued here such a situation might arise if the Speaker endorsed “… an attempt to bypass the financial Standing Orders and allowed a Bill to pass that contravened them”, a situation he describes as “potentially horrific”.

In particular he considers that legislation to…

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TIM FLANNERY – Professor of Dud Predictions and Climate Falsehoods

He did do well financially out of alarmism


2017 09 13 Tim Flannery Rays of Hope 3.jpg

TIM FLANNERY , former  Climate Commissioner of Australia from 2011-2013 earned $180,000 per year for a three-day working week to make predictions and decisions that affected billions upon billions of dollars of Australian taxpayers’ money.

AFTER being rightly sacked by the Abbott government in 2013, Flannery began his own go-fund-me version of the Climate Commission, the Climate Council, which continues the propagandised rollout of catastrophic climate predictions and unreliable-energy pipe dreams.

NEVER far from the government teat, Flannery is regularly wheeled out by Australia’s government run media monolith their ABC, appearing as resident climate ‘expert’ whenever a catastrophic weather event hits the news cycle, or simply to inject a dose of hysteria into the conversation when climate alarm is waning.

TONIGHT, Flannery appears on Q&A, the ABC’s TV panel discussion program…

Q&A - Flannery 12 March 2018Coming up | Q&A | ABC TV

TO understand why the ABC and Q&A are so ‘impressed’ by the…

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Washington Experiences Measles Outbreak, State of Emergency

Green Jihad

As of Saturday, CNN reports the Governor of Washington has declared a state of emergency for his state after 31 cases of measles were diagnosed in Clark County which sits on the state’s southern border and is 23 miles north of Portland, Oregon.

Of the 31 cases, CNN reports, 21 are children between the ages of 1 and 10 years old. Unfortunately, Washington and Oregon are two states with very high rates of un-vaccinated children. If you or your loved ones have not kept up on their vaccinations, please make it a point to do so as soon as possible. Outbreaks like this will be more common unless more people immunize and herd immunity of ninety percent or more of the total population is achieved.

Never forget that the anti-vaccine movement (which is largely the cause of outbreaks like this)P is an environmentalist front that seeks to kill off humans…

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Reality Check: Heatwave Blackout Gives Victorians Taste of the ‘Transition’ to Wind & Solar


The dreamers who think they’ll soon be running entirely on sunshine and breezes, have just been smacked with reality, in Victoria, at least.

There’s something poetic about watching infants being forced to grow up. And, so it is, with once loyal RE zealots, being forced to rethink their love affair, after their taste of what it’s like swelter in Melbourne, without the benefit of that first world necessity, electricity.

Over the last couple of posts, STT has focused on the chaos that reigned in South Australia and Victoria on a couple of hot days – coupled with wind power output collapses (see above) that resulted in hundreds of thousands being deprived of power, 200,000 in Victoria, alone – and the price of power going through the roof.

Watching the panic spread was, somewhat, amusing. Nothing like watching those who thought they understood the electricity system left floundering and struggling for…

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Misconceptions About Battery Storage


By Paul Homewood

There is a very common misconception that battery storage can solve the problems of intermittency arising from renewable energy sources.

For instance, there was this little exchange on the Telegraph article today about wind farms along the HS2 route to power the trains:



What the public at large, represented by Mr Truth, don’t seem to understand is just how limited the amount of energy that can be stored really is.

As we know, Elon Musk sold his 100MW battery storage system to South Australia a couple of years ago. 100MW sounds impressive, but as his own specifications made clear the maximum output was only 129 MWh. And for this tiny amount of storage, the Australians paid an estimated A$150m, about £80m.

Hornsdale Battery Storage – South Australia

The only way to increase this capacity is keep building more and more batteries.

To put storage into perspective…

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