Renewables aren’t base load supply


6 thoughts on “Renewables aren’t base load supply

  1. coal power certainly is not , 3 units broke down!!

    you thoughtfully avoid the point they were only were suppose to supply 20% of capacity. But still denialists will always deny


  2. notramis
    You don’t understand power stations at all, do you. There are two reasons why those units failed (and they came back quickly which is more than you can say for wind) They are old units designed as baseload. They have been forced to load follow (flexible is the euphemism) because renewables get priority. Ramping units up and down makes them break more often.
    The maintenance on the power stations has been cut back because the government wants them closed. A full unit overhaul on one of those big units costs maybe $50M. How will that money be recouped.


  3. This explains the Vic SA problem very well.
    Note the lines “As a result, VIC+SA (and a bit of Tassie exports) was all on its own –> hence talk about an outage at Liddell seems a bit of a red herring on this occasion.” And note the great Musk battery failed its first real test. Running out long before the outage did.

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