Day: February 3, 2019

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Minor Parties Vote Compass, Australian 2016 Federal Election

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The ABC Vote Compass is a good tool for orientating yourself in the political spectrum but only showed the three major parties, as did Fairfax’s YourVote; the third party iSideWith did a bit better, including the other parties with elected Senators: Family First and the Liberal Democrats. Meanwhile, the international Political Compass, for some reason, included Katter’s Australian Party.

So, what about all the other minor parties? Well, here is my attempt at putting them on the graph:

Post - Vote Compass

Where possible, the results are based on an official email response from the party, otherwise, it is based on policy documents and other stated positions.

Being a classical liberal, I support both economic and social freedom, so am interested in the overall liberalism rating of parties, the forward diagonal, from the most control-leaning (bottom-left) to freedom-leaning (top-right).

Post - Liberalism

In this post, I provide the calculated results for the parties, presented…

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Detroiters against free trees?


In 2014, a nonprofit tried to give thousands of trees to Detroit residents, but many declined the offer. A recent study attempts to explain why so many people would turn down “free” trees. As the New York Timesexplains, it wasn’t because they dislike trees.

Deborah Westbrook, a lifelong resident of Detroit, would love a tree in front of her home. “With a green tree in front of my house,” she said, “and me looking at the green leaves, knowing that the tree and sun were mixing together to give off the oxygen we breathe? I would be proud. A tree in front of my house would not only help with the air, but it would help with me.” Nonetheless, when representatives from a local nonprofit came to plant trees on her block five years ago, Ms. Westbrook said no. So did more than 1,800 Detroiters — a quarter of all…

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When gays hated the very idea of same sex marriage. Should gays be forgiven for opposing gay marriage? No one on the right ever is. Why?


#OTD Mexico lost the Mexican American war