Day: February 6, 2019

Interview mit Robert Trivers – Parental Investment


The Truth Cannot be Sexist – Steven Pinker on the biology of sex differences

Eco-Terrorists Sing and Chant While Sabotaging Oil Pipeline

Green Jihad

Four environmentalist terrorists with Catholic Worker filmed themselves sabotaging an Endbridge oil pipeline in Itasca County, Minnesota yesterday. They delivered statements justifying their actions citing fossil fuel use contributes to environmental degredation and then sing and chant while conducting their heinous act. You can watch below:

The Daily Caller states the four terrorists allegedly used bolt cutters to gain access to the pipeline facility they targeted. All four terrorists have been arrested and are in Itasca County Jail awaiting arraignment for their crimes. Thankfully, Endridge reported no damage to the pipeline resulting from the four terrorist’s actions.

Environmentalists are not concerned about climate change or even the natural environment because what they ultimately want is political control over others and our way of life. They oppose construction of pipelines because it is one more method that they cannot take control of. Not only does opposing pipelines give environmentalists more political…

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Big 5 personality traits are correlated with success in the workplace?


Prepare yourself for the next interview with HR

It’s very important for the candidates to know the secrets of recruitment before they proceed to an interview. The recruiter might scrutinize more based on the Big 5 traits, popular in HR practices. In contemporary psychology, the Big Five traits of personality are five broad domains which define human personality and account for individual differences. Big 5 will play a vital role in your placement, let’s understand more about it.

Different companies boast different techniques for recruitment, a candidate has to go through a certain procedure before he qualifies for a face to face interview and there is more. We organized recruitment open days for a few companies last year and they all had their own ways of conducting interviews, one company had 5 recruiters sitting in separate rooms and interviewed the candidates one by one. The other company organized fun activities…

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personality research is not garbage

Academics love to trash anything that smacks of standardized testing. Personality research is one such area. Mention “Meyer-Briggs” or “the big 5 personality traits” and you’ll get a smirk.

But personality research is one of the most solid and robust areas of social science. Personality is relatively stable compared to many other psychological traits and it is actually not a bad predictor of things like job satisfaction and relationship quality. The most resent item is from a professor of psychology who decided to replicate dozens of studies from personality research. From Christopher Soto’s Twitter feed:

I’ll save you the effort. Personality research replicates very, very well. The one problem Soto found is that since…

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