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How the British Raj approached cultural relativism about gender equality in the 1850s

From Napier, William. (1851) History of General Sir Charles Napier’s Administration of Scinde, London: Chapman and Hall p. 35 at


If We Redistribute Income, Why Not Do the Same for Grades?

International Liberty

I posted a joke about this last year, but this video makes the point much more effectively. When you tax and redistribute income or grades, you penalize those who achieve and work hard.

Kudos to the college kids who put this together. The message comes through loud and clear.

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The left doesn’t agree that freedom and equality are better, free speech is better, democracy is better, freedom of religion is better

Not all GDP measurement errors are greater than zero!

Notes On Liberty

Bryan Caplan is an optimist. He thinks that economists do many errors in estimating GDP (overall well-being). He is right in the sense that we are missing many dimensions of welfare improvements in the last half-century (see here, here and here). These errors in measurements lead us to hold incorrectly pessimistic views (such as those of Robert Gordon). However, Prof. Caplan seems to argue (I may be wrong) that all measurements problems and errors are greater than zero. In other words, they all cut in favor of omitting things. There are no reasons to believe this. Many measurement problems with GDP  data cut the other way – in favor of adding too much (so that the true figures are lower than the reported ones).

Here are two errors of importance (which are in no way exhaustive): household output and adjustments for household size.

Household Output


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