Day: March 16, 2019

Europe’s Energy Crisis: Counting the Staggering Cost of Subsidising Unreliable Wind & Solar


Adding inherently unreliable and heavily subsidised wind and solar to your grid is a guarantee of rocketing power prices. Every place in the world that got serious about wind and solar is being belted with serious increases in electricity costs.

Wind and solar ‘powered’ Germany and wind ‘powered’ Denmark pay Europe’s highest power prices, by a mile, and prices in both cases are still climbing at double-digit rates.

Germany’s power market is in chaos, and its grid on the brink of total collapse.

The annual cost of the subsidies directed to wind and solar is colossal: the annual cost to British power consumers and taxpayers in the UK, alone, is in excess of £6,000,000,000.

In those European states which plugged in to wind and solar, power prices are more than 50% higher than those G20 members that didn’t.

Not that the EU boffins and bureaucrats are all that…

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