Day: March 18, 2019

44 Presidents, 240 Biographies and One Great Adventure

My Journey Through the Best Presidential Biographies

Just over 6 years ago I set out to read a single great biography for each president.  Unfortunately I had no way of knowing which one for each was the very best, so I decided to read multiple biographies of every president and decide for myself.

My original plan involved 125 books and a 3-year timetable. But with new biographies published every year – and dozens of excellent suggestions from you – that once-modest journey ballooned to 6 years and 240 biographies.

Very early on I knew there had to be an efficient way to save my notes, track my progress and share my thoughts. With a modest investment of time and a liberal use of search engines (“how do I start a blog?”)…this site was born!

The style of my reviews has evolved over time, but my philosophy behind them has not: I am essentially writing them for myself

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