Day: March 27, 2019

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Destroying the economy in one fell swoop

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When I got to page 7 in this morning’s Dominion-Post I wasn’t sure at first that my eyes weren’t deceiving me.    I read it again, and even then wondered if what I was reading was a typo.  But these people seemed to be deadly serious.

open letter

Their demand is there in bold: that the government take steps to reduce (net) greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025.  Their demand doesn’t appear to be conditional on other countries doing anything.  It is simply flagellation –  but not self-flagellation (in which these individuals themselves commit to reducing all direct and indirect emissions associated with their own consumption and production to zero by 2025)  but a brutal whipping delivered to everyone.   Not even our government, evincing no concern for productivity or for lifting the performance of the underperforming New Zealand economy, would be that stupid or (electorally) suicidal.  (In fact, that left…

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A guide to WokeSpeak: the notorious Amherst Common Language Guide

Why Evolution Is True

I’m going to write about the Perfidies of the University Woke today, so please do not fault me for neglecting the Mueller report, as I have nothing to say about it that you can’t read in the mainstream media.

On the other hand, American colleges and universities are slowly but surely become bastions of censorship and ideological policing, hemorrhaging their brain-dead Zombies of Wokeness into mainstream culture; and nobody reports on that save the rightwing media. (Believe me, I check on their reports). Places like the New York Times and the New York Review of Books don’t report on things like this case of language and brain policing, because, in truth, they want America to become like Amherst College.

What did Amherst College do? You can read about it on the right-wing college monitoring site The College Fix, but what they say is confirmed by Amherst itself. Amherst College

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