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Male Nurses Worldwide

None of the countries with more make nurses are known for egalitarianism


International Nurses Day is celebrated all over the world on 12th May, on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Every year the International Council of Nurses commemorates the day by distributing an International Nursing Day kit. The kit includes educational materials about a particular theme – this year it is Closing The Gap: From Evidence to Action and aims to raise awareness of inequalities and to find ways to change practices for the better.

With International Nurses Day approaching I thought I would look at the numbers of male nurses around the world and see how they compared.

This graph shows the percentage of male nurses by country

This chart shows the numbers of male and female nurses by country

As you can see, the numbers of male nurses the world over is low, but there are certain trends. In the UK, men make up 10.6% of the nursing…

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Finally Some Robust Research Into Whether “Diversity Training” Actually Works – Unfortunately It’s Not Very Promising

Research Digest

F1.large.jpg Main results from Chang et al, 2019 – the study is laudable for showing exactly how diversity programmes should be evaluated

By Jesse Singal

Diversity trainings are big business. In the United States, companies spend about £6.1 billion per year, by one estimate, on programmes geared at making companies more inclusive and welcoming to members of often-underrepresented groups (British numbers aren’t easy to come by, but according to one recent survey, over a third of recruiters are planning to increase their investment in diversity initiatives).

Unfortunately, there’s little evidence-backed consensus about which sorts of diversity programmes work, and why, and there have been long-standing concerns in some quarters that these programmes don’t do much at all, or that they could actually be harmful. In part because of this dearth of evidence, the market for pro-diversity interventions is a bit of a Wild West with regard to quality.

For a

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Seumas Milne and the Stasi

He provided a niche service on the Guardian by catering for a corner of the market that yearned to hear defences of 20th century Soviet Communism and 21st century Islamo-Fascism at the same time and for the same reasons.

Nick Cohen: Writing from London


Few noticed in 2015 when Seumas Milne excused the tyranny that held East Germany in its power from the Soviet Invasion in 1945 until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Nearly every page reeked of a sly attempt to sweeten dictatorship and cover up the murder it inevitably brings. It was greeted with deserved indifference.

As for Milne, two-years ago he was just another columnist in a newspaper industry that is stuffed with them. He provided a niche service on the Guardian by catering for a corner of the market that yearned to hear defences of 20th century Soviet Communism and 21st century Islamo-Fascism at the same time and for the same reasons. Now Milne is Jeremy Corbyn’s Executive Director of Strategy and Communications. There is a faint chance he could be the most influential adviser in a Corbyn government, if Labour wins power. He won’t…

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