Day: April 18, 2019

That anti-fascist left is still absent without leave.

All I have argued, here and elsewhere, is that a left that no longer shows solidarity with the victims of totalitarianism–unless, of course, that totalitarianism can somehow be said to be the “fault” of the United States–is not a left worth having.

Nick Cohen: Writing from London

Todd Gitlin wrote a reply to my above review, which in my view missed every available point. You can decide for yourself by going to the Democracy site and searching for Gitlin.
Our exchange of letter in the current issue is below. Gitlin argues that he was criticised by Chomsky and the far Left in the Nineties and that excuses his uneasiness about showing solidarity with the victims of Islamo-fascism today. But that only goes to prove the argument I made in What’s Left? that extreme anti-western, anti-liberal ideas which began in obscure corners of the left in the Nineties, moved into the mainstream.
Anyway. Here is our exchange.

Issue #12, Spring 2009
Letters to the Editor
by Democracy Readers

Left, Right, Left . . .

Suppose officials in the Obama Administration are anxious to find ideas to guide America in a new direction. They might turn to Democracy and read Todd…

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