Day: April 20, 2019

‘A gentleman but stumbling in here!’: an impostor in Richard Cromwell’s Parliament

The History of Parliament

In our latest post, Dr Patrick Little of the House of Commons 1640-1660 section revisits the Parliament of 1659, which opened in such confusion that its membership was unclear and a stranger could sit undetected – with disquieting implications…

On 8 February 1659 the journalist Gilbert Mabbott reported
the latest developments in Parliament to Henry Cromwell, the lord deputy of
Ireland based in Dublin. Among other news he included the brief statement that
the Commons ‘committed one King, a vintner in London, for sitting 3 days in
Parliament, he being no Member thereof’ (Henry
Cromwell Corresp
. 447). What lay behind this extraordinary incident?

The protectorate Parliaments of the 1650s had seen
many MPs elected and then excluded by the Cromwellian regime, mostly notably in
1656, when as many as 98 of the 460 Members returned were kept out of the House
by order of the protectoral council. These…

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What do Extinction Rebellion want?

Green Jihad

This video, produced by the The Sun, gives an overview of the gang green’s latest group of thugs, Extinction Rebellion. The group claims to be a peaceful movement but they have conducted acts of vandalism and are illegally blocking means of mass transportation such as bus routes and major highways which have resulted in hundreds of arrests. Extinction Rebellion also claims to have attempted to lobby parliament for policy changes but have been unsuccessful and are now resorting to outright force.

If you want to read more about these nihilistic hoodlum’s destructive efforts, you can do so here.

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Victor Davis Hanson:. Why War?

American Elephants

Especially right and necessary for Memorial Day, Victor Davis Hanson talks about War. Why do we have wars? What makes men start wars? How do you end a war? How can we avoid war? Is war simply natural to the human condition? Is there no hope? He spans the entire history of the wars of civilization and shows how the study of the history of war  can be a torch to light our way through the darkness.  Absolutely brilliant. It’s 20 minutes long and worth every minute.

Reposted from the same time last year.

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Friedman Friday” Free to Choose by Milton Friedman: Episode “What is wrong with our schools?” (Part 1 of transcript and video)

The Daily Hatch

Here is the video clip and transcript of the film series FREE TO CHOOSE episode “What is wrong with our schools?” Part 1 of 6.

Volume 6 – What’s Wrong with our Schools
Friedman: These youngsters are beginning another day at one of America’s public schools, Hyde Park High School in Boston. What happens when they pass through those doors is a vivid illustration of some of the problems facing America’s schools.
They have to pass through metal detectors. They are faced by security guards looking for hidden weapons. They are watched over by armed police. Isn’t that awful. What a way for kids to have to go to school, through metal detectors and to be searched. What can they conceivably learn under such circumstances. Nobody is happy with this kind of education. The taxpayers surely aren’t. This isn’t cheap education. After all, those uniformed policemen, those metal…

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