Day: April 23, 2019

The Modern Anti-Vaccine Movement, Explained

Green Jihad

Despite the massive evidence, the anti-vaccination movement is gaining strength. Scientists are concerned measles could return even though it was eliminated in the U.S. 20 years ago. Note the footage of politician and environmentalist Joseph Kennedy included in the video. It isn’t paranoia when environmentalists really are trying to kill you.

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What Monty Python can teach us about Extinction Rebellion

The Risk-Monger

Unless policy-makers act immediately, the planet will cease to be able to support human life in twelve years, three months and seven days … this event will happen on a Tuesday … after lunch.

No, that is not a skit from Monty Python but an approximation made by the latest virtue signalling publicity craze, Extinction Rebellion. This motley crew of eco-rednecks was founded in October, 2018 and quickly created a loose network from eco-conscious hippies to students on Easter break to antagonised aging Marxists. Together they have managed to show how social networks can be utilised to control an agenda with stunts that require limited funding, planning or intellectual coherence. The media, during a slow news cycle, are lapping up these attention whores who use the microphone and a myriad of intertwined social media accounts as acts of virtue signalling liberation.

There is one nagging question that won’t go away: Was…

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