Day: April 26, 2019

How could Turkmenistan be ranked below North Korea?

Lost in Transmission: Colossal Cost of Connecting Remote Wind & Solar


RE rent seekers aren’t satisfied with $trillions in wind and solar subsidies, now they want $trillions for power grids to the middle of nowhere.

The Australian wind industry has a habit of spearing its turbines way beyond the back of beyond. Increasingly remote wind farm locations require serious upgrades to transmission infrastructure, adding hundreds of $millions to transmission costs, that would have otherwise been avoided, had Australia simply stuck with conventional generators and not squandered $60,000,000,000 in subsidies to intermittent wind and solar.

As any first-year physics student will tell you, transmitting electricity over distances results in a mathematically predictable loss of the power transmitted, over any given distance. The greater the distance, the greater the absolute loss.

Just like the value of prime real estate, the most beneficial situation for generating capacity is all about location, location, location.

In the main, conventional generators are sited close enough to…

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More Animal Farm Arrests in Southern Australia

Green Jihad

Almost thirty animal rights hoodlums have been arrested in connection with activities they conducted at Queensland, Australia animal farms in which, according to the Brisbane Times, some of the criminals trespassed on private property and chained themselves to farm equipment or even stole animals too.

Last Tuesday, police charged 11 people on 18 charges, including unlawfully entering farming land (trespass) and drug offences.

Another eight have also been charged with entering farming land (trespass) after the latest arrests.

The total 19 accused offenders, six men and 13 women, were due to appear in the Warwick Magistrates Court on various dates during the next several weeks.

Eight more people have been charged after protesters allegedly entered the Lemontree Feedlot at Millmerran, 82 kilometres south-west of Toowoomba, and took pictures of cattle on March 23.

This on top of animal rights thugs conducting mass harassment of animal farms that took place…

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Deadweight loss from no monopoly

Truth on the Market

The once-mighty Blockbuster video chain is now down to a single store, in Bend, Oregon. It appears to be the only video rental store in Bend, aside from those offering “adult” features. Does that make Blockbuster a monopoly?

It seems almost silly to ask if the last firm in a dying industry is a monopolist. But, it’s just as silly to ask if the first firm in an emerging industry is a monopolist. They’re silly questions because they focus on the monopoly itself, rather than the alternative—what if the firm, and therefore the industry—did not exist at all.

A recent post on CEPR’s Vox blog points out something very obvious, but often forgotten: “The deadweight loss from a monopolist’s not producing at all can be much greater than from charging too high a price.”

The figure below is from the post, by Michael Kremer, Christopher Snyder, and Albert Chen. With…

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