Day: May 3, 2019

Guardian falsely claims Palestinians were ethnically “cleansed” from Jaffa

TheGuardian today published a review by anti-Israelwriter Ben Ehrenreich of a book called Stone Men: The Palestinians Who Built Israel by Andrew Ross.

Ehrenreich’s review – which naturally avoids any semblance of balance or nuance and toes the desired Guardian narrative of Zionist original sin – includes the following claim:

[Jews] constructed a brand new modernist city distinct – and segregated – from its ancient neighbour, Palestinian Jaffa, which was built of weathered stone. In 1948, Jaffa would be cleansed of 97% of its Arab population

The word “cleansed” of course would suggest to most readers that 97% of Palestinians were expelled or in some way forced out by Israeli forces that year – a claim totally at odds with the historical record.  As CAMERA, and commentator Dr. Petra Marquardt-Bigman, recently demonstrated in response to a NY Times article, the overwhelming majority of Jaffa’s Arab…

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2. Tell a New Story – Doughnut Economics or @KateRaworth is a @MontPelerinSoc conspiracy theorist

Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?

Green Jihad

Climate change is an urgent topic of discussion among politicians, journalists and celebrities. But what do scientists say about climate change? Does the data validate those who say humans are causing the earth to catastrophically warm? In this PragerU video, MIT atmospheric physicist and one of the world’s leading climatologists, Richard Lindzen, summarizes the science behind climate change.

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Williams College administration expresses support for segregated housing

Why Evolution Is True

Not long ago I wrote about how both a group of students and the student newspaper at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts are pushing to get “affinity housing” for students (a euphemism for segregated housing). The activist students, grouped together under the rubric of CARENow, have an Instagram site with many of their thoughts and demands. On that site, as well as at this link, appears a list of demands from CARENow addressed to the Trustees of the College (there is also a letter to the President of Williams, Maud Mandel, demanding her response by tomorrow at 5 p.m.)

One of the demands is for segregated housing: housing segregated not just by race, but by sexuality and other “minority characteristics”:

3. Improve community spaces and establish affinity housing for Black, queer, and all other minoritized students.

“Minoritized” is a new word that was coined to emphasize deliberate oppression rather…

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