Day: May 5, 2019

Caturday felid trifecta: Scottish man cycles around the world with a rescue kitten; the fate of Julian Assange’s cat; mouse pwns cat;

Why Evolution Is True

Bored Panda has a heartwarming story of a Scottish man who, cycling around the world, came upon a stray tabby (click on screenshot). The rest is history.

This three-minute video, embedded in a tweet, tells the tale:

Some photos and text from the article:

In September 2018, Dean Nicholson had one goal – to cycle across the globe solo – and he began his long journey riding from his hometown Dunbar, Scotland. The 31-year-old Scottish traveler was tired from his nine-to-five job as a welder so he wanted to change his lifestyle and see the world from a bicycle seat.

The trip went great as he traveled south, passing through eight different countries and sharing his wild adventures online. But when he was crossing the Bosnian border into Montenegro, his plans had to change a little bit.

At first, Nicholson didn’t have a place for kitty so he had…

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The view of peace activists in a nutshell. They invariably want the bad guys to win.

Andrew Sullivan sees Joe Biden as the most viable Democratic candidate

Why Evolution Is True

In his latest weekly “Interesting Times” column in New York Magazine, Andrew Sullivan lays out why he thinks Joe Biden might be the best candidate to beat Trump in November, 2020.  I think I agree with him, though it’s certainly early days. Some Leftists, though, are saying we need a woman candidate or a minority candidate. Even Pete Buttigieg, who’s openly gay and married to another man, has been dissed by some Leftists for being “just another white male.”

My own view is that it’s far more important to get rid of Trump than to run a candidate who isn’t the strongest one we have (that could, of course, be a member of a minority who isn’t gay).  Right now Biden is the strongest candidate, at least according to the polls, and his numbers run far above those of the other contenders. And I don’t see him as “too…

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