Day: May 9, 2019

Brendan Bialy tackled, disarmed shooter with two other students at STEM school in Highlands Ranch


Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Dunning-Kruger

Why Evolution Is True

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “alas”, derives from this article in Canada’s National Post (click on screenshot):

I’m surprised that they made a joke about global warming rather than religion, though!:

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Now that ‘binding’ has been defined (sort of), let’s anxiously wait for the meaning of ‘hate speech’

Point of Order

The Government seemed to be in a bind about the cannabis referendum to be held at the general election next year.  The dilemma was about whether the referendum should be binding.

Referencing a leaked cabinet paper, National Party drug reform spokeswoman Paula Bennett threw doubt on how binding the referendum would be. 

National declined to release the paper to protect the source (something of an impediment when it comes to establishing the credibility of claims against political opponents) but said only one of four referendum options due to be discussed by Cabinet yesterday might compel the Government to act on the outcome.

The other three possibilities would not be technically “binding” because the government would not be obliged to act on them.

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NZ Cannabis Referendum – #2: Ardern supports Little’s lies. Incompetence or something worse?

The Inquiring Mind

This tweet from Chris Bishop caught my eye

This is the second in a series of posts about this issue and related matters. It would seem that Jacinda Ardern is further compounding the brazen misinformation put about by Andrew Little when he claimed according to a report from Jane Patterson at RNZ

Cabinet ministers have agreed the referendum will be binding, based on agreement by all three governing parties.

“The voters’ choice will be binding because all of the parties that make up the current government have committed to abide by the outcome,” Justice Minister Andrew Little said.

Now this…

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Jonathan Haidt: Three Stories About Capitalism (2014 WORLD.MINDS)