Day: May 12, 2019

No gender gap here


How Capitalism Will Save Endangered Species

Green Jihad

by Dan Hannan | May 10, 2019 12:00 AM – The Washington Examiner

Not long ago, a new variety of orchid was discovered at the Newmarket racecourse in Suffolk, England. The track’s managers were horrified at first. When an endangered plant is found on your land in England, eco-regulators seize control; and this flower was, apparently, the only one of its kind in the world.

But the Jockey Club came up with an ingenious defense. If the orchid truly was unique, it argued, and if it flourished only on ground that had been churned up by horses’ hooves for the better part of 400 years, then surely the correct course was to maintain that unusual habitat.

The inspectors accepted this logic, and the orchid continues to thrive on the turf upon which, in 1672, Charles II became the only reigning monarch to ride a winner.

I thought of Newmarket when…

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The Christchurch Call – not good news for free speech?

The Inquiring Mind

Macron meets with Zuckerberg to discuss how to oppress free speech. All for our good you understand.

Note, for Ardern sycophants, the report has the tagline France takes lead.

So much for world leader Ms Ardern.

Meanwhile in NZ there a couple of interesting items.

On The Spinoff was this article about Macron’s approach to free speech. The article was by Branko Marcetic, who is an editorial assistant at Jacobin magazine and a freelance journalist who wiles away the hours writing about New Zealand and US politics.

This  took my eye in particular:

Macron invited some of the country’s leading media outlets to the Élysée Palace earlier this year, where he appeared to suggest the French government needed to take a stronger hand in the news business. Expressing his worries about “the state of information and the truth”, he urged the re-establishment of “levels of confidence” and a “hierarchy…

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Branko Milanovic explains why Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist is (neo-colonial) nonsense