Day: June 24, 2019

Healthy ageing stops in your 80s

Are corporate board diversity and more women directors proxy variables errors? @women_nz

HT from Alam, Zinat S. and Chen, Mark A. and Ciccotello, Conrad S. and Ryan, Harley E., Gender and Geography in the Boardroom: What Really Matters for Board Decisions? (December 18, 2018). Available at SSRN: or

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Meaning of “Click-bait”

American Elephants

Perhaps we should increase the age when one is eligible to run for Congress. AOC was apparently an excellent student. She graduated cum laude with a double major in international affairs and (snort) economics. But she was the youngest woman to be elected to Congress. She announced Friday that an explosion at a Philadelphia oil refinery was due to climate change, arguing that the incident underscores the urgency of her Green New Deal.  (A vat of butane ignited and eventually exploded at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining Complex, followed by a series of smaller explosions through the pipes moving fuel around the complex. It injured five workers and took 120 firefighters to bring under control.)

You have noticed, I ‘m sure that AOC has become what is called “click bait”– that is, articles about her will be clicked on and partly read, which means that the advertisers’ ads will be…

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So @ProfSteveKeen understands neither rational expectations nor rational maximising! @Chris_Auld; @NZTreasury wasted taxpayers’ money on his visit too