Day: July 26, 2019

Richard Epstein on labour relations

Licenced to Kill: Government Endorses Wind Industry’s Rampant Eagle Slaughter


When it comes to killing majestic raptors, ‘green’ hypocrisy is the new black. Apex avian predators are top of the food chain for 60 m wind turbine blades with their outer tips travelling at over 350 Kph.

RE zealots seem untroubled by the carnage. The usual nonsense retort is that cats, motorcars or skyscrapers kill more birds than wind turbines. Except cats are not renowned for downing healthy Eagles, Hawks or Kites – and that group of raptors rarely succumb to motorcars or tall buildings, either. Oh, and if moral equivalence is your game, motorcars and tall buildings are objects of useful necessity. Whereas a wind turbine is a pointless energy source, abandoned centuries ago, for very obvious reasons.

The wind industry itself, has spent a fortune to try and cover up the inconvenient little problem: Not Content with Lying About its Bird Slaughter-Houses, Wind Industry Sues to Cover up…

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Hamas official contradicts BBC’s ‘permanent archive’ messaging

BBC Watch

Among the many BBC reports concerning the second Intifada which remain online and accessible to this day is one dated May 8th 2002 and carrying the interestingly punctuated headline “Arafat orders end to ‘terrorist’ attacks” in which readers are told that:

“Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has ordered his security forces to prevent “all terrorist operations” against Israelis after a suicide bomber killed 15 people and himself in an attack near Tel Aviv.

Mr Arafat condemned the attack as Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon flew back to Israel for an emergency cabinet meeting after cutting short a visit to the United States. […]

Amid growing expectations of Israeli reprisals, the Palestinian leader said he was ordering “the security forces to confront and prevent all terrorist operations against Israeli civilians from any Palestinian group”.

He said he was committed to the US-led fight against terrorism and appealed to the…

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The Slow Winding Down of the Windpower Idea.

American Elephants

photo by Stuart McMahon

Next year will mark twenty years of tax credits for the wind energy industry. The federal renewable energy production tax credit which allows producers of wind energy a 30 percent investment tax-credit or a 2.2-cents-per-kilowatt-hour production tax credit has been in force since 1992.  There are more than14,000 abandoned wind turbines in the United States. The picture above is of a very recent fire from hurricane-force gales in Scotland.

The 2.2¢ subsidy doesn’t sound like much, but it is on average 40 percent of the wholesale price of electricity. The tax cuts, according to the Treasury Dept. cost taxpayers $1.5 billion annually.  A billion here, a billion there, and soon you’re talking about real money. The United States is facing $15 trillion of debt, but it has access to vast supplies of diverse sources of electricity perfectly capable of supplying our energy needs…

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Corbyn’s new antisemitism website: ‘No room for anti-Semites, we’re already’ full’

Written by Joe Geary

On Sunday, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn admitted that his party has “a real problem” with antisemitism, while launching a website to educate the party’s members and supporters about bigotry.

Called “No Room for anti-Semites, We’re Already Full,” the website provides “some basic tools to understand antisemitism so that we can hide it better.”

The website includes a video of Corbyn denouncing antisemitism in his party. He apologized for the “hurt that has been caused to many Jewish people,” admitting that attempts to hide the antisemitism in his party have been bungled.

Corbyn said that he spent his entire life campaigning for a multicultural society. He credits the Jewish people for being at the “heart of the Labour Party” but that the concerns of the Jewish community in the U.K. could now be dismissed, given that Labour had a new much larger block of voters.


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