@NYTimes: A Black Professor Says in 1970 on affirmative action at elite universities

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Origins of Agricultural Crops

The Decolonial Atlas

Origins and primary regions of diversity of agricultural crops

“The recovery of the people is tied to recovery of food, since food itself is medicine—not only for the body but also for the soul and the spiritual connection to history, ancestors, and the land.” Winona LaDuke

This map highlights regions where crops were initially domesticated and evolved over long periods of time, and where the diversity of traditional crop varieties and related wild plants is especially high.

Decolonizing our diets is a process of healing our bodies through reclaiming our indigenous foodways. We must recover our ancestors’ wisdom before it’s gone forever. What foods did they eat? How was food prepared? What herbs and plants did they use for medicine? How did they conduct their ceremonies? Despite colonial suppression, indigenous foodways have survived in the daily acts of resistance that include story telling, recipe sharing, ceremony, and the planting and preserving of heirloom seeds.


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Sam Peltzman asks how many people @US_FDA @minhealthnz #medsafe killed today?

From http://www.aei.org/publication/regulation-and-the-natural-progress-of-opulence-2/

Why No Extinction Rebellion Against Wind Turbines’ Wholesale Bird, Bat & Bug Slaughter?


You know you’re down the rabbit hole when breathless teenagers, dictating world economic policy are actually taken seriously. That vacuous ninnies like Greta Thunberg get any air time at all, speaks volumes about the witless, gullible and naïve that permeate the mainstream press.

As they lose their grip on public attention, climate alarmists are now ramping up the rhetoric with ridiculous claims that an increase of few degrees C is all set to wipe out whole species, leaving the planet a barren wasteland. [Note to Ed: what was that story about a boy who kept crying ‘wolf’?].

Bullying and berating the proletariat about how our current lifestyle (not theirs, mind you) – and the energy systems that critically support it – is destroying life before our very eyes, Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg & Co are only the latest in a long line of deranged zealots, fixated on wrecking jobs, wealth…

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Armen Alchian and Kenneth Arrow on labour market shortages or when the nouveau riche priced the old rich out of household servants

From https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_memoranda/RM2190.html
An Economic Analysis of the Market for Scientists and Engineers by Armen Albert AlchianKenneth ArrowWilliam M. Capron

The Victims of Cuban Socialism

Cuba was a relatively rich country in the 1950s. So much so that it attracted migrants from Spain and Italy and the rest of Latin America

International Liberty

Cuba has a very sad history.

It traded a regular dictatorship for a communist dictatorship six decades ago, and the results have been predictably awful.

Oppression, persecution, rationing, spying, deprivation, and suffering are facts of life in that socialist hellhole.

For a while, it was subsidized by the Soviet Union, but that communist system eventually collapsed. More recently, it’s been subsidized by Venezuela, but now that socialist system also is collapsing.

And this means extra hardship for the people of Cuba.

Jose Nino explains one of the grim consequences of Cuba’s central planning.

Cuba is now implementing a rationing program to combat its very own shortages of basic goods. A CBC report indicates this program would cover basic items such as chicken, eggs, rice, beans, and soap. …When Fidel Castro took control of Cuba in 1959, the Cuban state maintained an iron grip on the economy. For decades…

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If you love nature, move to the city @NZGreens @Greens @Greenpeace

From http://archive.boston.com/bostonglobe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2011/02/10/if_you_love_nature_move_to_the_city/

Deconstructing Chomsky @AOC @SenSanders @jeremycorbyn

From https://reason.com/2005/04/01/deconstructing-chomsky-2/

Do @AOC or @SenSanders disagree?


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