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Iowa Climate Science Education

This article is a warning to us all that unless we stand up for our standard of living we could easily be governed by these latter day Cromwellian hard liners. We used to be ruled by religious zealots, many still are, but the new religion of Climatology is waiting in the wings fanned on by the eco-extremists.

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July 29, 2019 at 01:30AM

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(Richard Holbrooke)

Perhaps the most colorful and able diplomat in American history has been Richard Holbrooke.  The possessor of an irascible personality who was not the most popular individual with colleagues and presidents that he served but was a highly effective strategic thinker and negotiator with a number of important accomplishments to his credit.  The success that stands out the most is his work that produced the Dayton Accords in 1995 that brought closure somewhat to the civil war that raged in the former Yugoslavia throughout the 1990s.  But he should also be given credit for his work as Ambassador to the United Nations, Assistant Secretary for East Asian Affairs, and his last position as Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan for which he gave his life.

Holbrooke exhibited a powerful ego that did not always play well with others be they friend or foe, but in the end,  he…

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should sociologists copy economists? no, but we could certainly learn from them

A few months ago, I gently chided scolded like a drill sergeant sociologists for not building a platform for creating policy influence. I noted that economists taught policy analysis in the curriculum, hired economist PhDs with policy experience, founded organizations to spread economic ideas and sociologists … kind of didn’t.

People have asked me many times since then, “do we need to copy economists?” My answer is “you can learn a lot from them.” Notice that I did not say that we need to completely mimic them. That would be crazy as economics is simply different than sociology. They are essentially applied decision scientists while sociologists have a more holistic and multi-method approach. Economists are very comfortable in the halls of power and sociologists tend to be oppositional in attitude.

Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a lot. What are the lessons? Here are a few simple ones:

  • Actionable…

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