Day: August 2, 2019


Iowa Climate Science Education

Sanjeev Sabhlok: Why Should We Subsidise Tomorrow’s Rich In The Name Of The Climate?
The Times of India, 28 July 2019

As a liberal party, our default position is to reject any government intervention in the lives of people unless it is thoroughly justified. In particular, we reject the wishy-washy precautionary principle. Real harm must be proven before even the thought of government intervention is entertained.

It is a matter of concern to us that Indian governments have been dumping scarce taxpayer resources into renewable energy and other inefficient technologies in the name of “climate change”. Instead of acting as the voice of reason, governments world-wide are having a picnic, feasting on our panic. When people are scared, it is much easier to raid their pockets. 
We are the only party in India (and possibly in the world) that stands for reason. We believe that everything must be…

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MPC appointments: prioritising sex over expertise

croaking cassandra

The lawlessness of the Board of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand never ceases to amaze me,  Just in recent years, there was clear evidence that the Board simply ignores the requirements of the Public Records Act.   There was their facilitation of what was almost certainly an unlawful appointment of an “acting Governor” in the run up to the election (decent outcome in the abstract, but unlawful nonetheless).   And, of course, they play fast and loose with the Official Information Act, apparently confident that the Ombudsman is largely toothless.  It is all the more extraordinary in that since 2013 the Bank’s Board has had a senior lawyer as a member.  I’d not paid much attention to him, not knowing anything about him, but when I finally met him last week –  where he told us he “trains judges” – it reignited my interest in just how a…

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