Day: August 9, 2019

Locating Equality: Real estate the main driver of rising inequality?

Mostly Economics

Harold James has a fascinating piece:

For years, wealth and income inequalities have been rising within industrialized countries, kicking off a broader debate about technology and globalization. But at the heart of the issue is a fundamental good that has been driving social and economic inequality for centuries: real estate.

Inequality is the leading political and economic issue of the current era, yet debates about it have long suffered from a degree of imprecision. For example, the standard measure of inequality, the Gini coefficient, reduces a country’s entire income distribution to a single number between zero and one, and is thus highly abstract. Similarly, while inequality is rising in many parts of the world, there is no simple correlation between that trend and social discontent or unrest. France is much less unequal than the United States, and yet it has similar or even greater levels of social polarization.


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A story that falls outside BBC framing of Israel and Palestinians

BBC Watch

In July 2016 the BBC – as usual – reported both the murder of an Israeli in a drive-by shooting attack and the later operation to apprehend the Hamas-linked operatives who carried out that attack without using the words terror, terrorism or terrorist.

The BBC News website’s report on the attack told readers that:

“…an Israeli man was killed and his wife and two children wounded after their car was fired on near the Jewish settlement of Otniel. […]

The victims of Friday’s attack were members of the same family. Local media named the dead man as 48-year-old Michael “Miki” Mark, a father-of-10.”

BBC audiences were not however told that – as later documented by “local media” – the wounded members of the family were given first aid by a Palestinian resident of the Hebron area and his wife.

“In the moments after the Friday drive-by shooting attack that killed…

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How @jamespeshaw’s #ZeroCarbonBill will quicken #globalwarming by making efficient exporters less cost competitive @mfe_news

Broken Dreams: The Rise and Fall of British Council Housing

Anthony Broxton

In 1979 42% of the British population lived in a council house. Today the figure is less than 8%. The drop has led to an inflated housing market, insecure tenancies and a sustained cultural attack on the working class. As Britain endures its worst housing crisis since the war, with 1.8m households on the waiting list, can Labour revitalise the municipal dream?

Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Council Housing is published by Verso.

be5ee594d20e4bf4fbf6520881cec8ed The 21st century perception of the council estate as depicted in The Streets – Original Pirate Material.

Britain is a divided country. Among its fraught battle lines are the obvious; Leave v Remain, North v South and the Graduates v Non-Graduates. Yet nowhere is the division more stark than in the widening political priorities of the owners and the renters. There are now two factions; those who have financial support from their parents for a deposit and those who don’t. For decades the…

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