Day: August 11, 2019

Just Deserts: Wind Power Outfits Sued For Causing South Australia’s Statewide Blackout


On 28 September 2016, the automatic shutdown of wind turbines in South Australia during a spring storm delivered a statewide ‘system black’.

South Australia’s hapless Premier, Jay Weatherill led the wind industry’s propaganda charge, claiming that the collapse of a couple of power pylons in the state’s mid-North was what done it.

The collapse of a single transmission line could never has caused the collapse of the State’s entire power supply, but that didn’t stand in the way of a good pro-wind power PR story. The rest of the State’s transmission lines remained untroubled by the strong winds.

South Australia’s fleet of whirling wonders, did not fare so well, because they were never designed to. STT’s report on the story was posted before dawn the following day: Another Statewide Blackout: South Australia’s Wind Power Disaster Continues

Predictably, the renewable lobby went ballistic, as did plenty in the mainstream press.


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The Case for Colonialism with Dr. Bruce Gilley

The Vegetarians and Vegans Who Became Butchers

Green Jihad

Last Tuesday, The New York Times published a very interesting article about former vegetarians and vegans who became butchers. The people profiled did so, according to The Times, because they wanted to revolutionize the U.S.’s current food system to embrace what they consider ethical practices. Regardless of their reasons, their efforts should be applauded and choice respected. Hopefully, they will stay well and safe. Unfortunately, three years ago owners of a vegan cafe in Los Angeles decided they were going to serve meat harvested from their northern California farm only to receive death threats shortly thereafter.

“The Vegetarians Who Turned Into Butchers”, by Melissa Clark, August 6, 2019, The New York Times

“At Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe in Denver, Kate Kavanaugh trimmed the sinew from a deep-red hunk of beef the size of a bed pillow.

“Flatiron steak is the second-most tender muscle in a steer’s body,” she said…

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Why Nations Fail. Keynote Address by James Robinson

Worst UK Power Cut For Decades, As Wind Output Surges


By Paul Homewood

Facts about the widespread blackout yesterday are still thin on the ground.

This report from Bloomberg pretty much sums up what we know so far:


London and surrounding areas suffered a widespread power outage Friday during the evening rush hour after windpower and natural gas generation levels dropped, according to data from network manager National Grid Plc.

“Today what happened is a major offshore wind generation site and a gas turbine failed at the same time,” said Devrim Celal, chief executive officer of Upside Energy in London, which contracts with National Grid to help balance electricity. “There was a significant shortage of generation, and that sudden drop created ripple effects across the country.”

National Grid ascribed the power failure to an “unexpected and unusual event”, the loss of two generators connected to the U.K. transmission system, which then led to a “fall in the frequency of the…

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#ExxonKnew Epic Fail: Oil Companies DID NOT build “their rigs to account for sea-level rise”

Iowa Climate Science Education

H/T to Dr. Willie Soon for sending me something to ridicule this morning.

This is just fracking mental?

The Oil Giants Might Finally Pay for Pulling the Biggest Hoax of All
New York State is alleging ExxonMobil knew the risks of climate change and defrauded its investors by misrepresenting them.

AUG 7, 2019

[? Exxon Knew blather snipped?]

Exxon engaged in ?a longstanding fraudulent scheme? to deceive investors by providing false and misleading assurances that it was effectively managing the economic risks posed by increasingly stringent policies and regulations it anticipated being adopted to address climate change, the lawsuit states. ?Instead of managing those risks in the manner it represented to investors, Exxon employed internal practices that were inconsistent with its representations, were undisclosed to investors, and exposed the company to greater risk from climate change regulation than investors were led to believe,? the lawsuit said.

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